Letters to the Editor

Oct. 25 Letters - Unendorsed candidates

State needs vigorous new leadership

I appreciated the opportunity to interview with the editorial board, but to no surprise they passed up the opportunity to endorse a candidate who breaks the mold of the good old boy network of the Kentucky House.

Instead of selecting a candidate with fresh ideas and an educated view towards problem solving, they endorsed a liberal career politician who proposed increasing taxes on people making less than $30,000.

When Charlie Hoffman was in office, he voted to increase taxes on small businesses by nearly $400 million and to add $1.1 billion to our state's debt. These votes would only put Kentucky's economy deeper in the hole.

During my tenure in the General Assembly, I have worked tirelessly in a bipartisan manner to protect the middle class and encourage business growth. I have earned a reputation as someone who can work with anyone, and passed legislation that had previously failed.

I am a candidate with vision for our commonwealth. I have plowed its clay, learned in its schools and call it home. However, government has hit rock bottom and we need new, vigorous leadership to address the problems that have plagued our state for generations.

Instead of taking advantage of all the perks of the job like my opponent (who took over $70,000 in taxpayer trips), I have focused on job creation, accountability and reforming state government to be a better steward of taxpayer money.

The only people we should bring back are Kentuckians back to work. Learn more at www.RyanQuarles.com.

Ryan Quarles

Republican candidate, House 62

Incumbent voted for pension hike

It is no surprise that you endorsed Sen. Julian Carroll since your values coincide.

When you listed Caroll's successes, you apparently failed to do a fact check to determine if he was the primary sponsor of the bills or if his name was listed as a co-sponsor. It is common knowledge that Carroll has not passed any significant legislation in his eight years in the Senate.

On the other hand, he voted for House Bill 299 in 2005, labeled the "legislators' greed bill," because it provides for higher pensions and more generous benefits for legislators and other elected officials.

He not only voted for this egregious bill, he also voted against Senate Bill 51 in 2010 which would have repealed HB 229.

HB 229 is the bill Gov. Steve Beshear used to entice Sens. Dan Kelly and Charlie Borders to resign their Senate seats to take a judgeship and Public Service Commission appointment, respectively.

These appointments allow these senators to double their pensions and enhance their retirement benefits.

This manipulation of the pension system is an insult to our state workers who are in jeopardy because their pensions are grossly underfunded. Instead of praising Carroll and endorsing him for reelection, you should be condemning him and every legislator who voted for HB 299 and against SB 51.

Until those who abuse the power and authority vested in them as elected officials are voted out of office and replaced with honorable men and women, these abuses will continue.

Frank Haynes

Republican candidate, Senate 7