Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 25

Rollins good for schools

Carl Rollins is our two-term representative in the 56th legislative district. This district covers all of Woodford County and parts of Franklin and Fayette.

As chair of the Education Committee, Rollins helped pass legislation to improve the K-12 education curriculum; he helped smooth the way for students to move from a two-year to a four-year college; and he is working for adequate pay for state employees.

Public education is critical and Rollins is in a legislative position to protect the strength and excellence of our public schools. I urge voters to support the candidate who has the best interests of all our students in receiving a first-class public education.

My three daughters attended Lexington's public schools, from elementary through the University of Kentucky. They all went on to receive graduate degrees and are currently fully employed in satisfying careers. A vote for Rollins is a vote for excellent public education.

Judith Worell


Spires dedicated to District 3

As a young professional who lives and works in Lexington's 3rd District, I've seen the best of what the city has to offer and I want to see it become even better.

Over the past four years of "nothing much" in the district, we constituents have grown anxious for a leader with a real vision for our district and our city.

In just a few short months, candidate Stephanie Spires has visibly demonstrated her dedication to helping Lexington build a stronger economic base and to making the district safer.

She has proven she's just a phone call away from all of her 3rd District neighbors and has addressed specific city questions for many individuals before she's even stepped into office. Spires is the kind of representative we need in the 3rd District, and I hope you'll join me in casting a vote for her on Nov. 6.

Gina Putthoff


Thomas would serve 88th well

I strongly support Reggie Thomas for state representative in House District 88. He is committed to making education more affordable and providing our public universities with adequate support.

I have known Reggie for several years, and I know him to be a dedicated family man with ties to Lexington that go all the way back to his days at Bryan Station High School. As both a Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School graduate, Reggie will serve the 88th District well and provide Fayette County with a strong voice in Frankfort.

Michael Moynahan


Poor policies, values

Do evangelicals support these policies of the past four years?

1. "God" was (momentarily) left out of the 2012 Democratic platform.

2. The word "Jesus" not allowed at military funerals.

3. No reference to our faith at graduations, etc.

4. World apology for an anti-Muslim film, but nothing said about desecration of Jesus in a painting.

5. Approval of same-sex marriage.

6. Freedom of religion denied when Catholics are forced to furnish contraceptives against their beliefs.

7. Words, but no action, to support Israel.

Many say the election outcome depends on who gets out the vote. If you disagree with the above policies, please make your voice heard Nov. 6.

Neita Falkner