Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 26

Can't vote for lies

Andy Barr is forcing me to break my word.

In his factually questionable ads, he has attacked Ben Chandler for supporting Obamacare. One minor detail he overlooked: Ben Chandler voted against passing the health care reform.

It was because of that act that I decided not to vote for Chandler for the next two election cycles. I even wrote to him saying as much. I did not vote for Chandler in 2010. I promised I wouldn't in 2012.

But my hand has been forced. Congratulations, Barr. Your deceitful ways have forced me to break my word. Thanks to you, and all the messages you have approved, I'm voting for Chandler this year, if only to keep one more dishonest, bought-and-paid-for man out of Congress.

Robert Pratt


Judge Obama by his own standards

"Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself." This presidential election is the traditional Republican vs. Democrat contest. But facts and reality should push tradition aside. The quote was said in 2008 by candidate Barack Obama and is self-indictment enough to cost his re-election.

His czars, most of whom were appointed without Senate action, are not accountable to Congress and are not favorable to the principles that set off the United States as the leading world power.

Examples are: a radical anti-business environmentalist, a commissioner of the Socialist International, an anti-gun ownership lobbyist, a committed Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who loathes capitalism, an anti-American activist, an anti-doctor activist, an activist proclaiming "the free market is nonsense" and a promoter of gun control.

These examples of advisers are moving Obama's "hope and change" into the unholy temple of socialism.

William Wheeler


Lawless works tirelessly

I live in the 3rd council district, Lexington's most diverse. We have all races and religions and a large number of students. There are many rental properties.

A real visual eyesore has been advertising signs in the front yards of some of these properties having no relation to the property itself but promoting the many properties of that owner.

Thanks to the untiring work of Diane Lawless, our council representative, we are rid of this visual pollution and I appreciate that. Lawless received more votes than her two opponents combined in the primary but let's not forget her on Election Day.

Paul F. Guthrie


Mossotti there to help

Jennifer Mossotti was there when I needed some help in our community. Any problems I had were taken care of professionally and efficiently.

Mossotti helped my family and me with knowledge and support on getting a four-way stop put in at a busy intersection in our neighborhood (although for safety issues, I still would like to see all four of the crosswalks painted instead of only two).

Mossotti is a very caring person, has an open mind in decision-making and is very knowledgeable of things that can be done, whether big or small. She gave me the confidence I needed to stand up for what I feel is right. One person can really make a difference.

Please vote for Mossotti, she will do a great job at being your council member.

Karen Powers