Letters to the Editor

Candidate responses: Andy Barr, Randolph Vance

Chandler shuts out constituents

I never expected to win the Herald-Leader's endorsement for Congress, as this newspaper supports conservatives in competitive General Election races about as often as Coach Cal misses out on a top-tier recruiting class.

When the Herald-Leader called for multiple debates in a May 30 editorial, stating that "voters deserve more respect than that shown by incumbents who dodge debates," I dared hope this newspaper might at least hold Ben Chandler accountable. Particularly at a time when people are hurting, voters need an honest, constructive and vigorous discussion of competing proposals.

Yet, I remain the only candidate in this race who has presented a detailed plan to get America working again; one which is grounded in the values most Kentuckians share, such as tax reform, regulatory relief and paying down our national debt.

Meanwhile, my opponent has spent nearly $1 million dollars on attack ads without even acknowledging our nation's jobs crisis. He acts as if the 2,000 Kentucky coal miners who lost their jobs this year do not exist.

I suspect that Ben Chandler refuses to debate or hold town hall meetings because he does not want to admit to supporting President Barack Obama's agenda nearly 80 percent of the time.

Or, perhaps he realizes that such forums will not allow him to simply mimic national Democratic talking points. Whatever his excuse, Chandler's constituents deserve better.

A truly independent congressman speaks with anyone and strives to represent everyone. I will be that kind of leader for the 6th District.

Andy Barr

Republican candidate, Congress 6th District

Ideas for safer, healthier nation

Hello, I'm Randolph Vance! And it isn't easy to be a candidate for Congress and also work the third shift at a convenience store like I do. But it gives me unique ideas to solve two of our toughest problems.

The first is using industrial hemp for biofuels. The second is modifying the SNAP-EBT food stamp program into a portion-based distribution system.

With just 6 percent of the farmland in our country growing hemp for biofuels, we can supply the energy needs for everyone. Imagine never having to drill for oil again, never buying oil from foreign countries again and, best of all, never having to go to war for oil again. Hemp can do all this for our country and also a whole lot more.

My idea for SNAP-EBT is portion-based distribution. Every month you would get a meat ration, a dairy and egg ration, grain and cereal, fruits and vegetables, and beverage and snacks.

It would teach recipients budgeting and nutrition, and also not have the money we spend contribute to the problems of obesity and health care.

We must develop safer nuclear power based on thorium and not uranium. Thorium cannot be made into a weapon and has a much shorter half-life.

Thorium is more abundant and we already have a 3,500-ton stockpile in Utah. Thorium reactors are a different design and cannot melt down like Three Mile Island or Fukushima.

To learn more about my campaign, go to facebook.com/RandolphVanceforCongress.

Randolph Vance

Independent candidate, Congress 6th District