Letters to the Editor

Letters from unendorsed candidates: Spires, Polyniak: Oct. 30

Bill Polyniak
Bill Polyniak

Ready to serve, willing to work

I was pleased that the Herald-Leader editorial staff was impressed enough with my credentials that they encouraged me to run for office again in the future, but I believe I am the best choice for the 3rd District now.

Diane Lawless and I do share similar positions on many issues, but I disagree that she has earned another term. Lawless has the worst attendance record of any council member seeking re-election.

The 3rd District is the economic center of Lexington and needs a council member who is accessible, organized and shows up to work. We need affordable housing options to attract professionals to invest in our older homes. We need to expand our bike lanes, make sure that our parks are clean, and protect our Urban Services Boundary because companies wanting to relocate to Lexington will want to see how we invest in our community.

We need to ensure that our ordinances encourage businesses to expand downtown and in our neighborhood shopping districts like Chevy Chase and the Woodland Triangle.

As a mother, small-business owner and community volunteer, I understand the issues affecting our community. I support the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and want to find a way for food trucks to operate successfully. I will work to repair deteriorating roads and dangerous intersections. I look forward to working alongside neighbors, community leaders and council to find innovative solutions for Lexington's challenging issues. And most importantly, I will show up to work!

Stephanie Spires

Candidate, 3rd District Council

Will get city spending in control

I have enjoyed speaking with the residents of the 9th District. The common thread in all my conversations is that the city spends too much money. The city has a $522-million bond debt, an unfunded pension liability of $260 million and a plan for downtown that will cost $300 million-plus.

The endorsed candidate, Jennifer Mossotti, has conceded that we must raise taxes to solve this financial crisis. Mossotti supports higher property taxes and a new local option sales tax, the same tax that Mayor Jim Gray has endorsed to pay for the downtown plan.

Since there is no support for this within the 9th District, Mossotti is obviously prioritizing Gray's interests. Having served as Gray's political director, this indicates how she would represent the 9th District.

The problem with the downtown plan is that it is new and unnecessary spending. The reason we are in a financial crisis now is because of the reckless spending that began during my opponent's previous time on the council.

I have roots in California, and I have seen how this same spend-and-tax cycle ends — bankruptcy. The Herald-Leader cites Mossotti's experience as an asset. We can't afford "experience."

Knowing the financial details of the city, there is enough money to solve our problems without raising taxes. I have the endorsement of the FOP in order to restore fiscal responsibility. If I am honored by your vote, I will provide an effective voice for the 9th District at city hall.

Bill Polyniak

Candidate, 9th District Council