Letters to the Editor

Letters from unendorsed candidates: Scott, Nelson: Oct. 31

Will T. Scott
Will T. Scott

I've fought for working people

On October 26, 2004, the Herald-Leader published their endorsement in the race for Kentucky Supreme Court justice. That editorial began with, "By all accounts, Will T. Scott was a good Pike Circuit judge."

Kentucky's most left-wing paper went on to endorse Janet Stumbo calling it "courageous" that she stood up for criminal's rights.

Now the Herald-Leader calls us "equally qualified," yet again, endorses Janet Stumbo because they are concerned that my campaign dare expose Janet's record of siding with criminals.

At 19, I joined the U.S. Army as a private. During my enlistment, I was awarded the Bronze Star, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and Combat Infantryman's Badge. When I was honorably discharged, I held the rank of lieutenant.

Returning home I completed college and law school. I received an advanced law degree. There are only two members of the court with advanced degrees and my opponent does not have one.

Having served as a prosecutor, public defender and circuit judge, I've stood up for what's right. I've represented and fought for working people in the courtroom.

As a gun owner and outdoorsman, I respect the 2nd Amendment. The National Rifle Association made me a designated speaker at its annual convention.

The Kentucky Right To Life recommends me over my opponent in this race.

I've been endorsed by members of the Fraternal Order of Police and the Kentucky Commonwealth Attorney's Association representing state prosecutors.

I ask your readers to re-elect Justice Will T. Scott to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Will T. Scott

Incumbent, Kentucky Supreme Court

Speaking truth to power

Lexington is a community, not a campus!

To illustrate the contrast in candidates, you only need to look at those supporting my opponent.

They taxed us, neglected sanitary/storm sewers, neglected roads, underfunded police and fire pension plans and, worst of all, one supporter as president of a land-grant university (University of Kentucky) increased student tuition by almost 150 percent.

Other supporters were constantly looking for donations for arts and entertainment while working people struggled to balance their budgets.

My positions are:

Urban Services Boundary: Great concept but contrary to a free-market economy by negating competition and serving those with large real-estate holdings.

Purchase of Development Rights: Can we afford it? In my humble opinion, it is legalized extortion of taxpayer dollars while neglecting our storm/sanitary sewers, our roads and public safety while paying property owners. This could be addressed by a zoning change.

Fiscal challenges: Compromise is admirable but not necessary when properly handled from the beginning. Nobody has investigated or reported as to who, what, when and how administration after administration led us to become a debtor city.

Police and fire pensions: Employees are supposed to be treated equally. We should be looking at the 1 percent partial disability being the same as a 100 percent total disability which appears to be inconsistent with objective medical findings, American Medical Association guidelines and KRS 342.

I am Steve Nelson, candidate for council member District 10 (www.electstevenelson.com) and I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Steve Nelson

Candidate, Council 10th District