Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 31

War on education

The Republicans like to talk about the "war on coal" which is really a war against clean water. Nobody wants to discuss the Republican "war on education."

According to the Science and Engineering Index, the least-educated states are Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas. All are Republican except for New Mexico and Nevada.

The highest educated states are Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Indiana and Maine.

Most lean Democrat, except Indiana and Virginia.

Therefore cutting education for K-12, increasing student loan rates, cutting Pell grants is to Republican advantage. The Republican war on education is about dumbing down the vote. Republicans can tell any lie and the uneducated and ignorant will believe it.

Republican Andy Barr has joined this bandwagon by running false advertisements about Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, coal and other Democratic policies. Liar now, liar if elected.

Greg Spurlock


All for Mossotti

We all live in the Stonewall subdivision and think Jennifer Mossotti, who is running for membership on the Urban County Council 9th District, deserves your support. She's experienced, enthusiastic and very capable.

Susan and W.P. Harbour, Gwen and Wes Nicklas, Mary and William Hughes, Elizabeth Sayre, Barbara and Paul Mostert, Melanie Johnson, Linda Spencer


Party has lost its way

It was un-American for the Democratic Party to seriously consider removing God's name from its platform at its recent convention.

In his inaugural address, George Washington proclaimed, "The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained."

With the loss of a moral compass this party and its nominees (including Ben Chandler, who voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion) support the slaying of defenseless little ones in the womb as well as policies that strike at long-held Judeo-Christian principles.

It was Mother Teresa who stated that, "The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion." Regardless of one's traditional political persuasion, reason should prevail when casting ballots.

Edward Norton


Strong leadership

I come from a very political household — my roommates are seemingly addicted to the national stage of politics. I, however, am currently very interested in both national and local politics, most particularly my local council district, the 3rd District.

I know something about both candidates, Diane Lawless and Stephanie Spires. I am a friend of Spires and have enjoyed working with her on community issues (i.e. Phoenix Park) recently. Her level of energy and obvious compassion for the district is unparalleled, bar none.

I believe that the 3rd District hasn't been able to enjoy strong leadership like Spires would bring to council and I think it is far past due. If you can turn away from the Obama-Romney soap opera for only a moment, I'd ask that you look at Spires' history and you, too, will likely recognize her as the most viable candidate for the 3rd District.

Jeremy Gribbins