Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Nov. 1

Spires already active

Diane Lawless's campaign motto is "Let's do it right." It is hard to do anything right when you do nothing at all.

Stephanie Spires has been a vigilant advocate for our community. When contacted about a problem with vandalism and burglary in our neighborhood due to the recent vacancy of a business, Lawless could not be bothered to answer any questions. I contacted her using multiple forms of communication, only to be told that she did not have a "magic wand."

When I approached Spires, not only did she contact the owners of the vacant building she also set up a meeting to let them know of suspicious activities in the parking lot.

As a private citizen, Spires has done more than our elected representative has accomplished in four years. It is time for change in the 3rd District and I firmly believe Spires is the change that's needed.

Joshua E. Monroe


Chandler works for all

Ben Chandler has advocated for our veterans, our businesses, our farmers, our schools and our seniors. He has earned the respect of his colleagues in the House and currently serves on two of the most important committees.

Although I share his Democratic Party roots I sometimes disagree with positions he takes and statements he makes. And herein lies my most important reason for encouraging voters to support him.

Chandler is a man of integrity who remembers that he was elected to represent not just Democrats, but also Republicans, independents, rural and urban, rich and poor, churchgoers and atheists, old and young.

That dedication to thinking issues through from all perspectives separates him from his opponent. As much as I would like to see him reflect my thinking 100 percent of the time, I know all of us, with our varied opinions and beliefs, deserve to be heard and represented.

Judy Johnson


Mossotti experienced

Welcome back, Jennifer Mossotti. How refreshing to see your sign in front of Stonewall Shopping Center and to know that you will once again be available to support and advocate for the citizens of Lexington.

I have worked with Mossotti in the past on a citizens advisory committee and found her to be a person of integrity and sincerity when it comes to the issues that face Lexington residents. After a few years without her as our representative, I now know the value of someone who truly understands our issues and respects our opinions and concerns.

A thank you to Mossotti for her past service and for her willingness to serve again.

Debbie Reed


Barr's bad math

Math isn't my strong suit, but even I can tell the numbers don't add up for Andy Barr's tax proposals. Cutting taxes for millionaires while we face growing budget deficits is not what I'd call fiscally responsible. And numerous non-partisan studies have confirmed that closing loopholes and deductions won't pay for the tax cuts he supports. Barr's candidacy doesn't add up for Central Kentucky.

Mark Swanson


A proven record

When serving on the council in the past, Jennifer Mossotti worked to make sure developers took care of downstream flooding in the Reynolds Road development. She also led efforts to do a major storm drainage project in the Wellington Way and Trinity Road area.

When elected again she will focus on maintaining a high level of services, not just to her district, but to all the citizens of Lexington She has a proven record of service to the community and we need her back on the council.

Philip Blades


What is presidential?

After viewing the second presidential debate, I felt that both candidates had adopted a page out of Vice President Joe Biden's war book. Obviously, both had unbearable pressure to perform well for the viewers. However when the candidates' behavior (moving into each other's space) caused concern even for their Secret Service agents, it is over the top and not presidential.

The presidency has a job requirement which demands a presidential attitude, including grace and respect toward each debater and moderator. Whoever wears the presidential cuff links after Nov. 6 should become quickly aware of protocol.

Douglas Pierson


Save Medicare benefits

Social Security provides two-thirds of the typical older Kentuckian's income. In 2011, nearly 98 percent of Kentucky's seniors were enrolled in Medicare. These folks are not slackers. They have earned their Social Security and Medicare benefits through a lifetime of hard work.

Paul Ryan's budget, which Andy Barr supports, makes radical cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The Republican Party's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system would leave seniors negotiating for health insurance with private companies.

Insurance companies will recruit the healthiest and saddle the Medicare program with those who are too sick to afford private plans, reducing the number of Medicare participants, driving up costs and causing Medicare to virtually collapse.

Without competition from Medicare, insurance companies can increase their rates and reduce coverage, leaving thousands of us with no health care options.

Ben Chandler is fighting to protect the guaranteed benefits we have earned. He needs your vote.

Brenda McClanahan