Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 2

My abortion views not voters' priority

One has to wonder how a newspaper can be so out of touch, that it thinks that anyone has made the abortion issue "front and center" in the current campaign.

Or, worse yet, how it can ask what else U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler and I could have discussed in the 19 debates I proposed (at least one per county) last spring.

Is the Herald-Leader aware of the jobs crisis in this nation? Where is the editorial noting my opponent's failure to offer any plan for getting Kentuckians back to work?

I have proposed a specific jobs plan consisting of tax reform, regulatory relief, paying down our national debt, maximizing American energy and promoting Kentucky coal and repealing Obamacare.

I am talking about my jobs plan in every 6th District county; Chandler just keeps talking about me.

On May 30, the Herald-Leader called for multiple debates, editorializing that voters :deserve more respect than that shown by incumbents who dodge debates."

Yet, this newspaper stood mute as Chandler stiff-armed over 10 independent, county-based organizations which invited him to a candidate forum.

It seems that treating one's constituents with contempt is acceptable, so long as Chandler suits the editorial board's political agenda.

I believe that 6th District voters care most about jobs and their children's future; addressing that concern remains the focus of my campaign.

Andy Barr

Candidate, Congress 6th District

Send King to legislature

I support and endorse Kim King for state representative for Anderson, Mercer and Spencer counties.

I have observed King during the past two years to be extremely and tirelessly visible and inextricably involved as my representative, staying in touch with citizens, engaging them on issues important to them and the public welfare.

She's not afraid to speak her mind and to vote her convictions. King has demonstrated a strong, vibrant moral character and work ethic that is equalled by few and surpassed by none.

Michael B. Sanders


Chandler supports vets

Congressman Ben Chandler takes our responsibility to our veterans seriously. He supported the Vow To Hire Heroes Act to expand job opportunities for veterans, voted for the 2008 GI bill to give Iraq and Afghanistan veterans access to education, and he is working with a Small Business Administration initiative to help veterans start their own businesses.

When the Bush administration attempted to close down the Lexington VA Medical Center on Leestown Road, Chandler fought for our veterans and won.

Chandler supported the largest increase for veterans' health care in the VA's nearly 80-year history to meet the needs of the 5.8 million patients treated each year.

Andy Barr supports the Paul Ryan budget, which would reduce funding for veterans by 13 percent and cut VA spending by $11 billion.

We can see who cares about our troops and veterans. Let's keep Chandler in Congress.

Donna Lonkard-Frueh


Re-elect Westrom

I am pleased to endorse Susan Westrom for re-election in her candidacy for 79th District representative of the Kentucky General Assembly. I live in her district and join over 20 organizations which have recognized her for the excellent job she has done championing the cause of all citizens.

Since first elected in 1999, she has put the merits of legislation first and not her political benefit when casting votes. Kentucky is a better place with her intelligent consideration of all issues. I hope you will join with me in supporting Westrom with your vote.

David B. Stevens


Restore U.S. principles

The outcome of the November election will be significant. When we cast our vote we need to ask, "Do I want to rearrange or restore America?"

I know socialism when I see it and we are not drifting in that direction, we are in it. We need to restore the principles on which this nation was founded.

Note that many quotations in our historical documents are from the Bible. Other religions are welcome with the understanding they do not change our history or replace Jehovah God whose blessings gave us the prosperity we have enjoyed. The Bible says, "By their fruit ye shall know them."

I have an article by Arthur David Barton titled "America's Most Biblically Hostile U.S. President." He gives 52 illustrations and the source of each one.

I'm voting for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Andy Barr and state Rep. Stan Lee. I hope you will, too.

Wayne B. Smith