Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 5

GOP's 47 percent

Mitt Romney dismissed 47 percent of Americans who don't pay taxes as freeloaders who will vote for President Barack Obama.

Close to half of the states, including Kentucky, get more money from the federal government in entitlements than they pay in taxes. Obviously most of the freeloaders must live in those states. Perhaps Romney doesn't know those states vote overwhelmingly Republican.

Why would freeloaders vote for the party that claims to be for small government, fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility?

They know Republicans do none of that when they get in power. The last three Republican presidents have cut taxes, increased spending and charged the resulting deficits to future generations. Virtually all the national debt and the current annual deficits result from their unfunded mandates.

Freeloaders know they don't have to worry about getting cut off when Republicans are in power. Unless of course they work at Sesame Street.

Kevin Kline


Can we trust Romney?

Acting is a beneficial talent for politicians. So, kudos to Mitt Romney. Depending on the audience, he reacts in different ways. He changes his speech and appears to hide from what he really stands for but meets the politics of the moment.

However, there was one comment which he didn't intend for the audience to hear. This was the secretly taped one when he described his lack of concern for 47 percent of Americans. Would this not include the unemployed as well as those receiving food stamps? Think of what it would mean if they could not receive help from the government.

Our country is now making progress. Can we afford to regress? The job of president requires being responsible to all the people, all the time. Can we trust Romney to make the right decisions for all the people?

Sue Dixon Gross


Medicare a safety net

Recycling failed ideologies seems to be the Republican modus operandi; some quotes from the past are illustrative. In 1964, Ronald Reagan said Medicare would "lead us to socialism." Then he tried to deny it in the 1980 debates. George H.W. Bush called Medicare "socialized medicine." Barry Goldwater said "Having given our pensioners their medical care in kind, why not food baskets, why not public housing?"

Medicare has been a huge safety net for millions, yet Obamacare's attempt to reach millions more of the uninsured is met with the same hysterical shrieking about socialism from Republicans and Tea Partiers. These people love to criticize but offer no alternatives.

Worse yet, they refuse to see health care as a moral imperative. We have little without our health. Keep Obamacare.

John Scott


OK to redistribute up

Republicans say it is wrong in principle to redistribute income from the wealthy to the poor and middle class. We should not take from the most productive and give to those willing to live off the labor of others.

Why aren't government policies redistributing income to the top equally unacceptable? Consider what happens when tax rates for the wealthy are reduced in conjunction with severe cutbacks in programs like Medicaid, food stamps and unemployment benefits. More money flows to the top and less to low-income families.

The Republican platform calls for eliminating the federal student loan program while providing huge tax cuts to the wealthy. If students cannot afford rising tuition, their future income earnings will likely suffer, and the income gap will widen.

Income inequality has increased the past 30 years as the result of monetary and regulatory policies. The GOP seems to have no problem with this redistribution.

Charles Davis


Vote for women's rights

The men in my life have treated women with respect, never as people who couldn't make important decisions.

But some men have used their religion to lord over women — from offering maidens as a sacrifice to the gods to the Taliban's attempt to murder a young girl for wanting an education, and some of our politicians wanting to control women's bodies. Even Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill to make all abortions illegal under all circumstances.

As Joe Biden put it, it's not his place to force his beliefs on others.Women, stop allowing it. Stand up!

Myrna Sholty


Stop the bleeding

It is a fact that you cannot run a household or a business or government without a budget; you will be either broke, bankrupt or out of business.

What would you do if you had shares in a company and the boss or the president said, I am not going to change my way of running this business and continue to spend money without regard to the consequences of going broke? You would fire that person. You would then hire somebody who would operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

This is the decision we are facing in this coming election.

Bill Clinton increased the deficit $1.2 trillion in eight years. George W. Bush increased the deficit $4.9 trillion in eight years Barack Obama increased the deficit $3.6 trillion in three years.

Obama has increased the debt three times more per year than Bush. This has to stop.

Bill Stath


GOP's failed policies

In early 2009, the economy was in freefall, mortgages going underwater, unemployment skyrocketing and working poor without health insurance rising. How did the GOP respond? By voting against a stimulus bill, extending unemployment benefits, equal pay for equal work, health care reform, Wall Street reform, a consumer credit protection bureau and increasing student Pell grants.

When the GOP controlled Congress it passed a prescription drug program destined to increase the deficit $1 trillion by 2020 with a large doughnut hole that did nothing to control increases in prescription drug costs, and never included money to pay for it.

In response to a growing number of bankruptcies, many associated with health care costs, the GOP proposed a bill that made it more difficult for working Americans to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The GOP Congress also made it easier for non-accredited, for-profit colleges to obtain federal loans, resulting in skyrocketing student debt.

Peter Wedlund


At it again in Florida

Sounds as if the good ol' Republican boys are at it again in Florida.

You all remember when George W. Bush supposedly won in Florida. I will always have my druthers about that one.

Election officials in at least nine counties have informed prosecutors or state election officials about questionable voter registration forms filled out on behalf of the Republican Party in Florida. Watch these Republicans.

Bill Manuel


Romney lies too easily

As a retired clinical psychologist, I was struck by how easily Mitt Romney lied in the first debate. What he had just said could be contradicted by the next words he uttered. He did not seem to realize that what he was saying was completely different from what he said yesterday or the month before. Anyone who is this loose with logic is not accustomed to telling the truth.

He reminds me of intelligent, charming sociopaths I used to see in my practice who could lie so convincingly that you believed them at first. They can say up is down without even blinking.

President Barack Obama, on the other hand, struggles to say things exactly right — being fair to all the data from reality. I trust the president to tell the truth, but not Romney. I'm afraid Romney's self-serving ethic that allows him to play fast and loose with the facts would make him a very dangerous president.

Walt Dickenson


Obama spends too much

What about the deficit? Does no one care about that $16 trillion that our good old USA is carrying around on its back?

How far will we go in letting the government just give and take whatever they decide we want and they want? Does this make any sense?

President Barack Obama clearly wants more government regulations and control over every facet of our lives. And to accomplish this he will promise more and more to those who find themselves "helpless" because of his poor leadership and his policies.

More and longer unemployment benefits, more food stamps, more Medicaid, and the list goes on. To give you everything, he has to whittle away at the people who could provide jobs for those willing and able to work.

Frankly, I'm worried. There is just not enough tax money out there to pay for all the entitlements.

Rose Hieronymus


Mitt's fleeting beliefs

I don't think anyone, including Romney himself, knows what Mitt Romney believes. Whatever Romney thinks someone wants to hear that day, that's what he will say.

If he is talking to a group of rich contributors, he says 47 percent of Americans are lazy moochers that he could care less about.

If he is debating President Barack Obama about Medicare he swears that he wants to fortify and protect Medicare, even though his Web site and his running mate have been explaining the Romney/Ryan plan for privatizing Medicare and turning it into a voucher program.

It has become painfully obvious that Romney does have one stable belief: Voters are so ignorant and careless that they will never catch all of the lies.

I will not vote for a pathological liar. Let me put it this way, if Romney were running against a poodle, I would have to vote for the poodle.

Angela Arnett


Can't afford Romney

A Romney administration health care plan probably would not look like the Massachusetts plan; instead it would involve emergency room care, insurance sales across state lines and tort reform, all old GOP favorites.

Sen. Ted Kennedy procured Medicaid dollars for safety net hospitals. When George H.W. Bush threatened to discontinue these funds, Kennedy and then-Gov. Romney argued their case.

Funding continued with the provision it be used on a universal health care plan. Massachusetts had qualified for the maximum Medicaid dollars, and money from both Medicaid pots went into funding Romneycare.

As president, Romney would drastically reduce Medicaid spending, making it hard for other states to follow Massachusetts. Repealing Obamacare would lead to increases in uncompensated care with shrinking Medicaid. Seniors would pay more for prescriptions and all would once again have co-pays on vital cancer screening tests.

We clearly, in a moral and financial sense, cannot afford Romney's plan.

Cynthia Smith


Socialism under Obama

Bill Clinton said in his long convention speech that even he couldn't have saved the economy in four years, and that Obama needed four more years to finish the job.

What? Clinton was supposed to have been the great one. What was he saying?

There is but one meaning for that statement. To finish the job would only mean to take this country so far into socialism that it cannot be undone. Those progressive liberals are regularly making such statements.

With these changes, freedom of speech and religion, the right to own a gun, etc., will no longer be our privileges.

When you finished high school, you had the American dream. You made your own choices. Your children will not be able to do so in a socialist government. Think.

Scotty Gilliam


History on GOP's side

Who was for slavery in the South? Democrats.

Who freed the slaves? A Republican.

Who started the Ku Klux Klan? Democrats.

Who put the Jim Crow laws in place? Democrats.

Who started desegregation in the South? Republican President Dwight Eisenhower.

Who is responsible for 53 million children killed by abortion? Democrats.

Vote Republican.

Joe Armstrong


Obama principled

I have heard so many negative comments toward and about President Barack Obama that I wish to express a different opinion.

Considering the "shipwreck of state" the Republicans and President George W. Bush left for Obama, and the unrelenting effort of Sen. Mitch McConnell and the Republican House to defeat every policy on which Obama won a very decisive electoral victory, I highly commend the president for the accomplishments of his first term.

He is striving to preserve programs of equality of person and opportunity for all Americans. Many of these programs are keeping approximately one-fourth of Kentucky people from abject poverty and destitution.

Many Kentucky Democrats apparently intend to vote against him, and in so doing, against the hand which keeps so many Kentuckians literally from starvation. However, I hope every Democrat in Kentucky will come out to re-elect this fine, intelligent and principled man.

Jerry Deaton Sr.


On endorsements

I enjoyed reading your recent editorial endorsements. I would love for you to disclose the inner workings of your selection process. It appears to be done by a coin toss. Heads, the Democrat. Tails, the Democrat.

Oscar Thornton


If the Herald-Leader simply wrote "After thoughtful consideration, the editorial board endorses all Democrats and yellow dogs for office," you could save more space for your primary content, advertisements.

Lionel A. Hawse