Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 13

Royal Delta, ridden by jockey Mike Smith, won the Breeders' Cup Ladies Classic at Santa Anita Park in November. The champion mare will up the ante at Delaware Park when she runs in the Grade I Delaware Handicap on Saturday.
Royal Delta, ridden by jockey Mike Smith, won the Breeders' Cup Ladies Classic at Santa Anita Park in November. The champion mare will up the ante at Delaware Park when she runs in the Grade I Delaware Handicap on Saturday.

A horse race better than that presidential one

In the midst of a contentious election year, it was a refreshing change of pace to see the positive headline and article about the standout racehorse Royal Delta and her great jockey Mike Smith given top billing in the Nov. 3 sports pages.

With this win, Smith proved that part of being a great jockey not only involves a sense of pace and excellent timing, it also involves knowing when to let your horse run to her own rhythm.

Smith displayed that knowledge to full effect in the Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic, another pinnacle in a career that's taken him around the world atop the best horses and straight into the Hall of Fame. He knew his horse, as did all her connections, and we got to see greatness in full force because of it.

The effortless way Royal Delta drew away from and held off the deeply talented field, with ears pricked like it was a game to her, was wonderful to witness. Congratulations to her and her connections and competitors for a great race.

Sarah Troxell


Why we regulate

Riddle: What did the salmonella-contaminated cantaloupes from Indiana and a batch of black-mold tainted steroids from Massachusetts have in common?

Answer: The sloppy manufacturing and handling practices of their producers, according to federal health officials.

A sad result of these recent examples of contamination is the infection and deaths of people in all parts of this country. Do the families of these people wish there had been stricter regulations and more inspection for the production of these items? I bet they do.

Clearly, the regulatory system we have is not adequate. So why would anyone vote for candidates who call for eliminating the meager protection of our food, medicine and environment we now have?

I don't want to live in a country where children's toys are painted with lead-based paint or toothpaste is sweetened with a toxic chemical (diethylene glycol, commonly used in antifreeze).

A good national regulatory system and programs like the Consumer Protection Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency benefit everyone because we all are consumers of food and merchandise, air and water.

Marilyn Rose Swan


A vote for grandparents

I would like to get away from all the political stuff going on to give a hand to all the grandmothers in the world, or at least Kentucky. Especially the grandmothers who raise their grandchildren.

These are very special people. The world has no clue as to what these people go through.

Grandparents should be able to enjoy their lives after they have fought and worked to raised their children. There is nothing in the marriage contract that says they should have to raise their grandchildren. But a lot of grandparents do, because they are family.

They don't do it for their children who have messed up; they do it for the grandchild who has no say in the scheme of things. They are the defenseless, so my hand goes out to any grandparent who has to raise a grandchild.

Beverly Moore


Same old stories

Don't you get tired of publishing letters from the same old tired five or six liberals who constantly write you? Could it be that you are so removed from reality that no other thinking breathing individuals bother any more to give an opinion other than those liberals that reflect your nauseous leftist ideals?

At least get a few new lefties to write, pay them under the table or whatever, but please spare us these same old names at the bottom of these letters over and over, week after week, year after year.

Lori Adams


Bible is not news

Why do you allow so many letters to the editor that deal with the Bible? A 2,000-year-old book is certainly not news. Everything that can be said about the Bible has already been said.

Please allow more letters that deal with current issues that affect our daily lives. You already have an entire section euphemistically named Life + Faith that deals with religion. Isn't that enough?

John Sabot


Predatory policing

Kentucky State Police announced that over the three months of summer they set up 1,640 checkpoints, made over 3,500 arrests and handed out more than 9,000 tickets to Kentucky motorists.

This is predatory policing.

When police respond to emergency calls and victim complaints, they are performing a public service. But when they go fishing for crime by setting up roadblocks, they are engaging in predatory policing.

Although this story was not reported in the Herald-Leader, it is important news nonetheless.

There needs to be a debate about tactics that are obvious ploys to generate revenue. There are two sides to this issue, but how can we have any sort of debate when neither side is even reported?

William Hurt


In defense of Israel

In response to a letter last month that accused Israel of being an international terrorist, nothing could be further from the truth.

Israel is the only democratic nation in the Middle East. It has tried for decades to make a reasonable agreement with the Palestinians, only to be told no. And it has heard repeatedly that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to wipe it off the face of Earth.

But Israel does not retaliate; it has never attacked anyone unless in self-defense. A recent survey showed that even Arabs living in Israel would rather live there than in Arab countries, because they enjoy more freedom.

The historical record shows that Jews have been the target of fierce discrimination and persecution over the centuries. Crusaders deliberately murdered them during the Middle Ages. The Roman Catholic Inquisitions left many Jews in Spain and elsewhere dead or in prison. The pogroms of Russia and Eastern Europe forced Jews from their homes and left untold numbers dead. The utter horror of the Holocaust cannot be overstressed.

America has been blessed because she has blessed the nation of Israel. But America is in danger of moving away from the place of blessing to the place of cursing. The land-for-peace deals have placed Israel and the Jewish people in grave danger.

They are peace-loving and have won more Nobel prizes for their contributions than any other nation. They are not aggressors. Why shouldn't we support them?

Marie Garland