Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 14

Iran's nuclear ambitions are hardly a threat

During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union developed massive nuclear arsenals. Did we ever fire a single warhead at each other?

Now, we claim that Iran, possessing one, two, three nuclear weapons with little to no capable delivery systems, should be feared.

President George W. Bush thought we could instill democracy in Iraq overnight. Now we waste our acumen on the notion that Iran is a threat to the Mideast, Europe and United States.

Why waste time? Tell them we have satellites overhead, operatives on the ground and the computer wherewithal to track their daily maneuvers. Tell them to spend all the money, intellectual capability and time developing these weapons. When they are about to come online, we will take them out.

I've heard the military and others say that Iranian nuclear weapons facilities are up to 500 feet underground. Well, we have bunker-buster bombs. If we dropped one every minute at the same locale we would be 2,000 feet deep in about six minutes. What is the fear?

Let us not waste our time, energy or McCarthyistic phobia on the American and geopolitical arena. It appears we have fallen into the Iranian trap much like we did in the Cold War.

Bob Hoeller


Congress needs to act

A federal budget makes it through the legislative process just before the government shuts down and now the American people might see some hefty tax increases in January if the Bush and Obama tax cuts are not renewed.

Asking the clowns (members of Congress) to take this job seriously is like discussing should they bring a chocolate or vanilla cake to the party.

Rewriting the tax code, surely you jest. If you can't get the clowns to agree on a budget, how in the world are they going to sit down and rewrite the tax code?

In the real world, if people produced results like they do in Jokerville (Congress), somebody else would fill their position quickly — someone who might actually produce some real results.

It doesn't really make a difference who's president, Jokerville needs to stand up and take a bow, which I haven't seen happen in the past, present nor expect in the future.

Ira Fink


Telling climate research

It's been over a year since Dr. Murry Salby, climate-science professor at Macquarie University in Australia, presented to the Sydney Institute his research on the sources of carbon dioxide.

His research shows that the Earth's natural warming since the depths of the Little Ice Age (1680) has produced the higher CO2 levels in our atmosphere today — not man-made emissions.

He notes that humans emit about 5.5 gigatons of CO2 each year, but the oceans emit about 90 gigatons, and plants about 60 gigatons.

But quantification of the natural sources are difficult to measure and vague estimates are used; the lack of accuracy is justified by yet another assumption that the natural net flows of carbon to and from the natural sinks cancel each other out, but there's no reliable data to confirm this.

A fractional change in natural emissions would overwhelm the human emissions blamed for our warming, and Salby shows that this is in fact what happens. Graphing the atmospheric CO2 record along with climate temperature he showed that temperature variations drove the atmospheric CO2 levels.

During warm El Niño years, the CO2 concentration increased and during cool years caused by volcanic eruptions CO2 levels decreased.

Satellite graphs showed that the big sources of CO2 don't originate over industrialized areas such as Western Europe and North America. The sources, all natural, appear concentrated over the Amazon and tropical Africa.

His research invalidates the key assumption of all climate models, that atmospheric CO2 drives our climate.

George Tomaich


Forced pregnancy next?

The theory that life begins at conception presupposes that the woman's egg and the man's sperm are as lifeless as a Styrofoam packing peanut.

Genesis teaches that life precedes conception. Life began but once: God formed Adam from "the dust of the Earth" and then God breathed into him "the breath of life."

Just as life was passed along to Eve by Adam's living rib, so too was life passed on by the living egg of the woman and the living sperm of the man.

Presumably Styrofoam springs to life at conception. The heretics can then claim that it is they, not God, who created life.

These packing peanut people want the government to pass a law requiring that man's creation be carried to term without the woman having any say in the matter. The same governmental power which can compel a woman to stay pregnant is the same power which can compel a woman to get pregnant.

With a shortage of young workers available to fund Social Security a Get-Pregnant-or-Go-to-Jail law is next. Murder charges would be lodged against any woman who sloughs an unfertilized egg.

A Get-Pregnant-or-Go-to-Jail law would be much easier to enforce than any anti-abortion law. The government would only need to fan out across America its Federal Tampon Police and have them lurk in every Walgreen's, Rite-Aid, etc., and arrest any woman or a woman's accomplice who attempts to purchase a woman's hygiene product.

William C. Jacobs


God will judge gays

Isn't it funny how a reverend, Marsha J. Charles, twists the word of God in her Sept. 30 column, "Marriage is a basic human right that should not be denied."

She's not railing against man but God, whom she says she represents. She wants justice? From whom? God set things up to work between man and wife. She wants justice? Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. That was God's justice, not man's.

Also, God says, "I change not, therefore you are not consumed." So he waits for her and everyone else that thinks that way, because in the end we answer to him.

There's no such thing as a gay Christian. Yeah, it's a really narrow view; it's what Jesus said.

Ray E. Davis Jr.

Hager Hill

Strange timing

Your paper should be renamed The Kentucky Democratic News. The story about millions of people without power and shelter on the back pages of the paper two days before the election?

Let's see where the Katrina story was located in the paper five days after it happened.

Alan Bidwell


Looking forward

The best thing about four more years of President Barack Obama is that conservatives are going to realize that God is not going to send us to hell because of the abortion or the same-sex marriage issues.

Victor Privett


If only ...

It's a shame that Andy Barr and Richard Marrs didn't run a combined campaign. If they had done that, it would have been the Marrs-Barr ticket.

Bill McCray