Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor/Petraeus: Nov. 18

We are a godless nation

There are many questions that arise following this admission of an affair by General David Petraeus. Sex has long been used to obtain classified information by our enemies. Do not forget, he did not come forth with this admission but he was caught red-handed. Questions about this matter would be:

1. Did he provide this lady with any classified information?

2. Did she solicit classified information from him?

3. What is her background and her position on important American issues?

4. Does this rise to the level of treason?

5. Does this action violate the Uniform Code of Military Justice and can it cause the loss of his pension?

6. What will our government do about him?

I agree he is a war hero, but his immoral actions certainly make you wonder how he could lead our armies and our intelligence agency. But his actions are consistent with the deeds and morals of our government leaders, most of which go unpunished.

Since there is now no God in government, immorality washes out as a legal issue with our government and our voters.

Our people voted this government into place by ignoring religious issues and voting to murder babies, approving homosexuality along with gay marriage. No Christian could vote for these types of people and retain his relationship with our Lord. So are we a Godless nation? I believe the answer to be yes.

Donald R. Fugette, USAF Veteran


Moral decay crosses party lines

"General Betrayus" is another example of the train wreck that is the leadership in our country. The United States used to be a template for other nations, leading with character, commitment, integrity and wisdom.

Now we garner raised eyebrows and little respect because we are marred by the public hissy-fits, lack of civility and the moral deficits of our leaders. Finally, something that crosses party lines.

These people are supposed to be the face of our nation. Sad. Just plain sad.

Annie Simmons


Listen to Clinton on this one

What's the hubbub over the CIA Director's extra-marital affair? After all, President Bill Clinton and the Democrats told the American people that such matters are private, consensual and had no affect on the presidency or the nation's security.

Dale Henley