Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor/On Webster: Nov. 18

Webster at new low, not worthy of space in paper

In a previously published commentary, I mentioned that Larry Webster appeared to be unsuccessfully trying to be an Appalachian Will Rogers. After reading his highly offensive and vulgar opinion piece in the 10/28/12 Herald-Leader, I feel the need to amend my remark. To the best of my knowledge, Will Rogers never denigrated the Western folks to whom he gave voice the way Webster does his fellow members of the so-called low class. Additionally, suggesting our president must avoid being Emmitt Till should offend anyone in this country, regardless of their political leanings.

Webster ought to go back and look at the demographics of the 2008 vote. Were it not for a substantial white vote, Obama would still be in the Senate instead of in the White House. While there are certainly those on the fringe who will not vote for him because of his skin color, I would suggest that there are many more who will vote for him merely because that is all they see in him.

Webster has reached a new low and has proven once again that he is the only one with his head in the anatomical location he described so vividly in his article. He is not worthy of space in your newspaper and I would hope that you reconsider his status as a regular columnist.

David L. Patton


Crude class warfare

I recognize that your paper is a Democratic rubber stamp. I accept that and still read it. I accept that you are a spiel for most of the national liberal columnists. But where does this dribble from Pike-ville come into prominence? Larry Webster as a regular contributing columnist? What possible value does he bring to your readership?

At least if you let him spew his crude class warfare, then let somebody with some sense and mainstream views give balance to your readers.

Steven H. Caller


Webster a treasure

Although, due to career and family, a lifetime resident of the Louisville area, I subscribe to the daily Herald-Leader, a far superior newspaper to the local Courier-Journal. Thank heavens for your Louisville delivery system. I hope it continues in the future.

And while one of the primary reasons for taking the H-L is to keep abreast of UK athletics, I would give up the entire H-L Sports department, especially Jerry Tipton and Mark Story, rather than give up Larry Webster. What a treasure! If you don't pay him, you should. And if you do, double his pay if it means increasing his columns to weekly rather than semi-monthly.

R. R. McClain


Politicians should listen

I would like to congratulate Larry Webster and advertising executive Fred A. Pope for their courage in writing their individual brutally honest editorial pieces. Pope likening Kentucky to Greece because of its pension funds in the Nov. 1 edition, and Webster's column of Oct. 28 on class warfare. If we had any honest politicians (ha-ha!) they'd turn these articles into fliers and mail them to every Kentuckian. Fat chance of that happening.

Keep up the good work, gentlemen. Your columns were great.

D. Ray Price