Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor - UK football: Nov. 23

Joker Phillips
Joker Phillips

Sad to see the coach go

It's a sad day when a coach is let go, regardless of the reasons why, whether it is their fault or that of some odd circumstance beyond their control. And it's especially sad when it happens to a person who really does "bleed blue" and has since the mid-1980s.

Coach Joker Phillips has a passion to do great things for the University of Kentucky and has seen more blocks to his path than any coach should ever have — from the day he was named "coach in waiting" to the season of never-ending injuries to key positions and multiple players.

His record is not great by any means nor has it varied much from most coaches at UK for decades.

A rush to judgment? Only time will tell and I certainly hope UK finds what it is looking for. And I'm sure Joker hopes for the same. After all, he is certainly true blue.

Herb Petit


Dial back expectations

With the recent firing of Joker Phillips from the University of Kentucky football program, Lexington is abuzz with new coaching rumors and excitement for a new direction.

The fans have been through two terrible seasons in a row now, and getting blown out 40-0 by Vanderbilt at home was the last straw. That's not the kind of program Kentucky is.

But UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart's statement that included this: "Kentucky football needs to be and will be a championship contender in the SEC," is extremely far-fetched.

Kentucky football is so far behind the rest of the Southeastern Conference that a statement like this will only doom the next coach of the Wildcats. The Big Blue Nation needs to dial back its expectations for this next coach and realize that the Rich Brooks days, with four consecutive low-level bowl games, is about as good as it'll get here in Lexington. At least when it comes to football.

Kevin J. Morris


Barnhart better pray

Mitch Barnhart prayed about firing Joker Phillips? And God replied: "Thou must not have a losing football season. I command thee to fire thy coach and hire a better one, possibly my child Bobby Petrino, thus sayeth the Lord."

Please, Mitch, everyone knows God is only a fan of the men's basketball team.

On a similar note, who's interested in a meeting to pray about Barnhart's employment?

Debby Vandervoort