Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: April 17

McConnell diverts real issue in leak from meeting

The recent leak from a meeting at the office of Sen. Mitch McConnell has been cleverly camouflaged by diverting attention away from the actual content of the conversations, focusing on the leak, and characterizing that as "Gestapo kind of scare tactics."

Here the shoe is clearly on the wrong foot. What is really outrageous is that McConnell might even consider using religious affiliation or past health issues to smear an opponent. Those are the real Gestapo tactics. It was the Nazis who used religious affiliation and mental health as justification for enslavement and genocide.

Such talk has no place in our political life, whether it was suggested privately or in public. I don't care who sprung the leak. Just listen to what was said.

Adrian Swain


History unpreserved

I am trying to get the local or state government to do more in the preservation of Old Indian Fields, site of the Old Indian Fort of Eskippakithiki. This site is the very namesake of Kentucky.

John Finley should be a more celebrated hero of Kentucky history. If it were not for him, Daniel Boone would never have stepped foot on Kentucky soil or stood on Pilot Knob, another neglected site that is an important piece of Kentucky history.

I would like others to help preserve and teach the history of these sites. I feel it should be something like Fort Boonesborough with a museum of its own and telling the rest of the story involving Peter Chartier, Christopher Gist, Black Hoof and a few others.

Lucien Beckner wrote a detailed report, presented it to the Kentucky Historical Society and still no luck. If you really want to learn more, check out Eskippakithiki: The Last Indian Town in Kentucky by Beckner.

I am pushing this because I feel it has gone for too long by the wayside.

Chris Gilbert


Harsher penalty

Car insurance is a requirement by state law. However, those who do not have insurance don't serve any jail time. They get a citation.

If an uninsured motorist is involved in an accident with another vehicle, the insured motorist pays the price by having to pay a deductible and future insurance rate increases.

Why do we choose to not support responsible drivers who maintain proper insurance by allowing such a lenient punishment? If you drive under the influence, you are arrested. No questions asked.

Kellie Brewer


Your value to company

On Feb. 28 I was a full-time employee of a major retail outfit based in Lexington. I had been part of the startup team that opened a branch in Danville in December 2011.

At approximately 3 p.m. our local manager took down the work schedule for the next week and let us know that, starting March 4, 10 of the 11 full-time employees would be part-time, limited to 27½ hours per week. We soon learned that all the Lexington stores were involved — affecting over 80 people, some with many years with the company.

No reason was given. After some review, I gave notice the following Monday. During my remaining two weeks with the company there was never any kind of official communication from the corporate office giving any explanation for this change in status. There were rumors aplenty, but never any email, fax, handout, phone call or conversation as to the reasons behind cutting the income of so many people by nearly 30 percent.

If an employer takes one employee from full-time to part-time without showing the basic respect of an explanation, that reflects poorly on management. To treat an entire work force that way demonstrates an inexcusable lack of professionalism.

Scott Land


Limiting reproduction

Do you ever wonder what objective a government assumes when they begin creating massive political advocacies for lifestyles that deplete the process of generations having families and multiplying?

Consider this. American eugenicists created the eugenics movement in Germany in the 1930s by personally interacting, sending literature and promoting eugenics in their medical and scientific communities.

Their forced sterilization programs were contrived by American inspiration, thought and practice.

Many German eugenics programs were developed and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation such as the one Josef Mengele attended before transferring to Auschwitz.

American eugenics leader C.M. Goethe openly bragged about how American eugenicists shaped and fortified the political, intellectual and public support that brought Adolph Hitler to power and control of Germany.

The American eugenicists researcher Harry H. Laughlin bragged that it was his model of sterilization laws that were implemented in the 1935 Nuremburg racial hygiene laws. He later received a doctorate from Germany for the science of racial cleansing at the anniversary of Hitler's 1934 purge of the Jews from the Heidelberg faculty.

A 1911 Carnegie Institute Report stated that our doctors had quietly implemented variable programs of eugenic euthanasia to perform social cleansing in America.

I wonder if our first black president is a eugenicist.

Richard Hellstrom


Cold shoulder

I came home one night last month with my three children, ages 1½ to 5, to find my electricity disconnected.

I went online to check my payment history and discovered I had made an oversight. I paid it promptly online and was sent a message stating it would be reconnected the next day.

I called Kentucky Utilities to get it reconnected that evening as the temperature was dropping and going to be below freezing.

I was told that because I didn't pay it before 5 p.m. there was nothing they could do. They were booked and could not get to me. There were others in my situation. I spoke with a supervisor and still there was no way to reconnect that evening.

I was told I needed a "Plan B." I think this is unconscionable. When temperatures are exceedingly hot or cold, our one electric company should have an obligation to either not turn it off at that time or at the least reconnect as soon as payment is received.

My family stayed at a Motel 6 that night. I hope the other families found their "Plan B."

I believe there should be choice in the marketplace for electricity so we aren't at the mercy of one.

Martha Himes


Upgrade to steak

Let me offer condolences to Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer, whose feelings were hurt when your paper exposed the boxed barbecue meals that were paid for by taxpayers on the evening of March 7 and which were authorized by Senate President Robert Stivers.

I am quite confident Stivers would have reimbursed the state without your article, as I am confident the stuff I am now smoking and inhaling will not land me in jail.

If these politicians were doing their jobs instead of acting like a bunch of clowns, things would have been accomplished without going to overtime.

I would like to be the first to suggest boxed prime rib dinners/nonalcoholic drinks for these productive meetings in the future and I can suggest a few restaurants where 50 or more people can net a generous discount.

Ira Fink