Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor/gun votes: April 21

Tired of filibusters

We have had enough of the filibusters from Mitch McConnell. He has used this sleazy tactic to stop government from working and has made us all understand why people hate politicians.

President Barack Obama won the election, the Democrats won the Senate, and Democrats won the majority of votes for Congress. It is only through another political gimmick called gerrymandering that Republicans manage to control Congress without winning the majority of votes.

We are now experiencing government shutdown at the hands of some right-wing kooks, and one senator from Kentucky.

We have got to get rid of the slimiest politician of my lifetime, McConnell. The rest of America depends on us.

Bill Hurt


Ditch Mitch

A majority of senators voted to close illogical legal loopholes, and require background checks for people who buy weapons at gun shows. However, a filibuster led by Mitch McConnell killed the bill.

Bombs explode in the streets of Boston, but there is no one to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Why? GOP senators led by McConnell refuse to allow the Senate to ratify the appointment of a director.

McConnell grows fat on the largesse of special interest lobbyists, while innocent Americans suffer violent, bloody deaths.

Americans need responsible leadership, not partisan obstructionism.

Ditch Mitch in 2014.

Stacy V. Bearse


Beholden to money

McConnell has proven again he is beholden to his big contributors, in this case the arms manufacturers, and doesn't care about us.

Elmer R Olson

Whitley City

At odds with voters

Eighty-two percent of Kentuckians support background checks for gun purchases and Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are proud to vote against the bulk of their constituents. That is unethical.

Who are Kentucky's senators representing?

Walter Frazier


Be heard in 2014

I am writing on behalf of all Kentuckians, regardless of political affiliation, who believe that our elected representatives have not done what is necessary to see that our communities, schools and children remain secure.

Victim after victim continues to pass before our very eyes on national and local television and we all deserve to see that extra prevention measures are in place with the sale, purchase and storage of guns to prevent mass violence and domestic terror.

I want my record as a Kentucky citizen to show that I do not support using the Second Amendment as a free license to prevent restriction of high-capacity weapons and magazines.

In the same way that TSA screenings at our airports help to prevent acts of terror, Senate Bill 649 would have saved the lives of our brothers and sisters.

I encourage my fellow Kentuckians to vote in 2014 to make their voices heard and to elect a representative who will vote with conviction and is not too well-funded to listen.

I, for one, intend to do something about it.

Matthew A. Dillinger

Bowling Green

Allowing slaughter

We, as a nation, will continue to allow the slaughter of innocents. We will do nothing to reduce the body count.

We will rationalize this as a constitutional requirement. We will gloat about our ability to thwart those who would limit the carnage.

Ray Duke


What about ethics?

Since the Newtown massacre, I have watched, with dismay, daily news reports describing the transparent conflicts of interests affecting the votes of our members of Congress.

As a physician who cares for newborns, I am not allowed to accept even a pad of paper from a formula company, because it could possibly introduce bias in recommending feeding options to new mothers.

Yet, a common-sense firearms bill created by bipartisan consensus cannot even pass the Senate because a gun lobby threatens to derail political plans of those who stand in its way.

I don't get it. Ethics? Not in Washington. Shame on all of them.

Don T. Granger, M.D.


Law ignored

Sen. Mitch "Roadblock" McConnell has done it again by voting to filibuster the very anemic proposals trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally disturbed.

Despite his law degree, he obviously has never read Justice Antonin Scalia's 2008 opinion interpreting the Second Amendment.

Even the court's most conservative justices have never construed the Second Amendment to entitle criminals or the mentally ill to possess dangerous weapons.

Nor has any justice ever supported the notion that the Second Amendment prohibits regulation of where guns can be sold, by whom, when and where they can be carried, or what types of guns, ammunition and armor civilians can possess.

To the contrary, Scalia's decision makes it clear that such restrictions do not encroach upon the amendment's protection of the right to defend one's home.

McConnell is obviously more concerned about the size of the campaign contributions he will get from the National Rifle Association than about the safety of our children.

Alvin Goldman

Professor emeritus

UK College of Law


Never forget votes

Please don't let the people of Kentucky ever forget that both of our senators, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, voted no to require anyone buying a firearm to have a national instant criminal background check.

Please publish their voting record every day on your front page. Thank you for your great newspaper.

LaVece Hughes