Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor/cartoon: April 21

Makes me want to join NRA

Let me start by stating that I am a moderate Democrat and not currently a member of the National Rifle Association, but Joel Pett's April 18 cartoon may very well change that.

His depiction of a link between the NRA and the Boston bombing went beyond political humor or discourse to politics-driven propaganda.

To insinuate that there is any connection between an organization which represents the concerns of 70 million American gun owners and a terroristic act of this magnitude is shocking.

I have noticed for some time that his cartoons rarely direct his stinging satire at the current Democratic administration in D.C., but his contempt of everything Republican or conservative is always on display. His leanings to the left are as misdirected and divisive as any on the far right.

His supposed support of diversity and tolerance apparently only applies to those who share his progressive political beliefs. There appears to be no room for the Neanderthals who still cling to their religion and guns, and any attack on them is justified no matter how absurd.

If he only held the Second Amendment in as high esteem as he does the First Amendment, then he might be better equipped to foster meaningful dialogue. Compared to Pett, Fox News is indeed "fair and balanced."

Paul Williams

Mt. Sterling

Plenty of liberals to lampoon

Concerning Joel Pett's April 18 cartoon: What an insult to law-abiding gun owners. If you express your Second Amendment right to own a gun for self-protection, Pett likens you to a backpack-wielding-bomb-carrying terrorist. I thought of all the cartoons he could have drawn:

New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy wants to ban barrel shrouds. Asked if she knew what they were she said no.

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette said gun magazines can only be used once so when the banned ammunition is gone, they won't be able to shoot the gun. She is also the chief author of a bill to ban high-capacity clips in guns but doesn't know the difference between cartridges and bullets,

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who once declared she would ban all guns if she could (except those used by criminals), said "You can't hunt ducks with more than three rounds but you can hunt humans with 15, 30 even 150 rounds." I didn't realize it was legal to hunt humans.

Vice President Joe Biden says just use a rifle to shoot through the front door if you don't know who is there. Hopefully, it won't be your neighbor asking for a cup of sugar.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to ban all "assault" weapons because he said are all fully automatic. Fully automatic assault rifles are illegal; assault rifles are semi-automatic.

Seems to me you should know something about guns before you decide they should be banned.

Joel, how about a little bipartisan cartooning?

Nancy Davidson