Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: April 25

Beattyville school, programs will be missed

As a native of Beattyville in Lee County, my elementary school education was great. I had fantastic teachers who taught me to read, love music, and write.

The seeds of these loves, as well as those of my later education, were planted by those at Beattyville Elementary, a school now facing closure because of sequestration, the federal budget cuts.

Instead of keeping the school open, the county wishes to transport students to the other side of the county.

As to what the plans are for the building, which is in downtown Beattyville, I am unsure. The building has been used as a school since the 1930s. At least one of my grandparents attended high school there.

Not only is the school facing closure, but elementary students in Lee County will no longer be offered music or physical education due to cuts. Middle school and high school students will no longer be able to take typing. Around 19 hard-working teachers will lose their jobs.

I understand that mourning the school due to sentimentality is silly, but what I am most concerned about is that teachers will be losing their jobs and students will no longer be afforded the education I received. This saddens me, and I am disappointed in the school board and those who voted for the measure.

Samantha Lynn Cole


Stepping up

I am announcing my candidacy against Sen. Mitch McConnell. It is as if everyone else is scared to death of the senator.

Why aren't Sen. Rand Paul and McConnell trying and convicting former President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for war crimes and putting this country $16 trillion in debt?

For it is the two illegal wars that have us in the bottomless pit.

There is no compromising coming from the Tea Party conservative libertarian Republicans — they are all about obstructionism.

It has come time for us to have a little common sense about governing. As with Paul, no sooner was he elected to the Senate than he began to run for president. We need a senator, not a knucklehead.

I am from the heart of the Bluegrass. Paul was born in Pennsylvania and reared in Texas; McConnell is from Alabama. So, my heart lies with the people of Kentucky, not some other state.

I do not have the formal education that McConnell and Paul do, but then I am not full of hot air as they are. I believe it is time we elect someone who is a commoner and has a little common sense about them. I have worked on a horse farm for 30 years, I know what it's like to try to make a living on minimum wages.

I know it is an uphill battle to unseat McConnell and his super PACs. But someone has got to try.

Victor Privett


Questions for senators

I recently had a chance to watch the state House Health and Welfare Committee in action. Things began with a group of well-educated and articulate young ladies testifying for the informed consent and ultrasound bills. Oh my.

Then, no one could be found to testify against these bills. Is there a Valium in the House? Something beyond a dispassionate hearing of the testimony was surely needed.

Certain committee members simply jumped into the fray and gave the testimony they wanted to hear.

As expected, all six bills were narrowly defeated, and for a ninth consecutive session a full House vote was blocked.

During this hearing charade, two questions came to mind.

Was reigning state abortion queen, Sen. Kathy Stein, pleased with the performances of her sheeples?

Secondly, what more can "Catholic" Chairman Tom Burch possibly do to earn excommunication?

Patrick Schneider II


NRA speaks for us

I felt that I must reply to the column by James Gash of Owenton which was also printed in our local paper on March 30.

Gash stated that the National Rifle Association does not speak for him. I must tell him that, indeed, the NRA does speak for him whether he likes it or not.

He is a gun owner who says he believes in the Second Amendment. The NRA supports the Constitution of the United States which includes the Second Amendment and the right of every citizen to be a gun owner and own any gun that he wishes to own.

I myself don't own an assault rifle but I don't like people telling me that I can't own one because they don't like them for whatever reason.

We are a great country because we are allowed many freedoms, but those freedoms come with responsibility to use them properly. What if Gash's wife didn't have that rifle handy when she went to investigate why the lights were on in the barn? One shudders to think what if that stranger wasn't just borrowing some tools to get his truck restarted.

There are those in Washington, D.C., and New York, to name a few, who, like Gash, want to prohibit assault rifles. Those folks would like to erase the Second Amendment.

I'm 73 and a gun owner since I was 13, NRA member since 1991.

William Hueneke

Lake Worth, Fla.

Dad did right thing

My father is David Baker, the Garrard County homeowner who shot Jarred Pitman after finding him in his home.

My dad is a father of four, grandfather of 11, and a Christian. He is the most giving person, one who will help the seniors in his community with anything they need at the drop of a hat. He will go with my mother to visit the elderly in the nursing home on a weekly basis.

My parents did not tell me about what happened on Feb. 4 because they did not want to worry me or my siblings. That is how they are.

I have read the comments posted regarding the shooting, and I know in my heart that my dad did the right thing by protecting himself and my mother.

My father is very forgiving, as God is. I am very proud of my dad and I hope that Pitman will receive the help he needs while in prison. I know my dad has that hope as well.

Beth Baker

Boise, Idaho

Drivers beware

I hope the driver learned a lesson while backing out of a driveway one recent morning.

There is no phone call, text, makeup check, coffee sip or radio adjustment that is more important than that baby in your back seat. There is nothing more important than that.

And if the near-miss was caused by lack of attention, the driver should be arrested for negligence.

When the driver shot out of the driveway, I was certain there was no way I could avoid hitting the car. And had that happened, the child could have been killed. By the time my car was able to stop, it was aimed at your back door and that baby. Fortunately, there was no car coming from the opposite direction.

If this accident had occurred, it would not only have been the driver's life that would be forever changed. I would never recover from the guilt. And it would not matter to me if it was not my fault.

Was this completely avoidable chance of death worth risking the ruin of a family's life? Or mine?

I trust this driver will give pause while reading this letter because no one ever wants to have an accident. No one wants to cause injury or death. And most certainly, no one wants the rest of their life tragically marked by someone who, for whatever reason, simply decided not to look before backing out of their driveway.

Annie Simmons