Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: April 27

Room for improvement in downtown parking

The April 3 editorial on downtown parking should have not been so quick to compliment the city's enforcement efforts.

While parking downtown has improved, there is much more room for improvement. Parking downtown has always been a hassle and will continue to be unless more parking spaces are made available.

City parking garages are usually cheaper than a private lot, but the city garages are plagued with empty spaces being reserved for "official use." The city did make it easier to park on the street with the installation of LexPark machines, but these machines are not always perfect and street parking is still not enforced as well as it should be.

Lexington needs more street parking spaces all over downtown, and more parking garages with fewer spaces reserved for official use.

There is currently an empty field the size of a city block that would be perfect for a new parking garage that could be several stories high and would provide hundreds of additional parking spaces. The CentrePointe project has been an empty lot for years and the city could be using this area to make money as a parking lot.

The city could cover the cost of the facility through tickets and fees, if parking was more closely monitored, in addition to attracting more customers to the downtown district with fast and easy parking.

John Mattingly


Racy Rex Morgan

The Rex Morgan comic strip was recently the topic of a letter to the editor and I would like to add a few of my concerns. I am addicted to reading the funnies and have followed Rex and June for at least 50 years, at which time June was already an adult established in her career. So she's got to be like 70 now, right?

We'll just accept that she became pregnant at age 70, but, as an RN, she knows that the current recommendation for pregnant women is to avoid all alcohol. Despite that, she admits to drinking alcohol during the daytime after having had two positive pregnancy tests. Her carefree attitude about her unborn child is inexcusable and should be exposed for the dangerous message it sends to all childbearing-aged women.

Jeanmarie Piacsek


Classical toga party

I am a senior at Henry Clay and a member of the National Junior Classical League. Recently, Mayor Jim Gray released a proclamation that noted Lexington's participation in National Classics Week, April 21-27. The 21st is the founding date of Ancient Rome.

Henry Clay has been participating in many things throughout the week, mainly a classically-themed "On this Date" over the intercom, a Teacher Appreciation Day and special guest speaker Diane Svarlien, who has translated and published several works from the ancient world.

Feel free to celebrate this holiday by putting on your own toga for a mini toga party, reading a classical work, maybe even watch O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

Cullen Smith


McConnell hypocritical

Sen. Mitch McConnell can't stand the heat so he needs to get out of the kitchen.

Regarding the Americans United for Change ad, McConnell re-election campaign spokesman Jesse Benton called the ad deplorable. That is typical McConnell. Does he not remember what his re-election staff said about Ashley Judd and her depression?

Come on, Kentucky, let's put him on our bucket list of good riddance.

Wilma Calmes


Not personal, it's politics

Let's decipher this Mitch McConnell incident. Both political parties use character and mental capability of their opponent for an advantage. This is politics.

In this instance it was never used, and it may or may not have ever been used. We will never know. But this was a secret conversation, at least it was supposed to be. The person who bugged this conversation broke the law and should be arrested and prosecuted immediately. If I were McConnell, I would sue Mother Jones magazine for releasing this personal information.

The left has cornered the art of personal destruction. Some great examples are Sarah Palin, Herman Kane and Clarence Thomas. There have been many others.

Of course, state Sen. Kathy Stein had to jump into the fray. But she is not alone; we also have to contend with people like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and that raving idiot Nancy Pelosi. If an apology is due, it should be to McConnell for invasion of privacy.

Doyle Glass


Steer clear

I would like to offer a cautionary approach to buying a car. I will not identify the brand, out of deference to a probable newspaper editorial policy.

Electric steering is coming out on new models. Supposedly, it is being implemented to improve gas mileage by reducing the power required by the conventional power steering hydraulic pump. It also might be a prelude to aid automated driving, such as a self-parking feature.

I recently had the experience of buying a 2013 car without test driving on the interstate highway. That was a mistake. About six weeks after buying the car, I drove it on a round trip to Florida, mostly all on I-75. Driving was a real chore, since the car continually wandered back and forth, left-right, requiring continuous monitoring and correction. I am now in the process of trying to get this corrected by the dealer/factory, but they say it is typical of cars with electric steering and nothing can be done. That is yet to be determined, from my standpoint.

I checked the NHTSA website and found a preponderance of complaints concerning the steering anomaly on the brand/model of car I had, for both 2012 and 2013 model years.

So, I am recommending that prospective buyers take two prudent steps, especially if it is a 2012 or 2013 model: Check Safercar.gov/Vehicle+Owners for information on the car you are considering, and test drive the car on the interstate at a speed of 60-70 mph.

Ronald B. Blackburn