Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor/Pett feedback: May 19

Ignoring abuse of power

Wow, so Joel Pett's corporate-funded, scribbled reaction to a potentially Nixonian abuse of power by the IRS is ... agreement? Non-concern?

I can't wait for Pett's take on the Department of Justice wiretapping Associated Press phone lines. He'll probably tell those whiny journalists to put some ice on it and move on.

The First Amendment needs to be well regulated, don't you know?

Steve Newberry


Unfair to link NRA, bombing

Joel Pett's April 18 cartoon linking the Boston bombing to the National Rifle Association was neither funny nor thought provoking.

He could not wait for an opportunity to falsely place blame or to advance his political agenda by exploiting this tragic event and the senseless loss of life that followed.

To imply that the NRA supports this is unbelievable. He is way over the line and is lending his support to those who committed this act, by trying to further divide the country instead of focusing on how to find these people.

Clinton Taylor


Government bullying OK'd

Joel Pett's recent cartoon about the Tea Party coming under unwarranted and intrusive scrutiny by the IRS was stunning. He posits the notion that it is completely understandable that the government agency responsible for collecting taxes should be expected to make life miserable for those who think taxes are too high and that government is too big.

Apparently Pett is in favor of the government profiling its citizenry, bullying it if it feels so inclined, and clamping down on freedom of speech and thought if those citizens stray too far from the acceptable parameters promoted by that government. I would never have guessed such.

Rick Shannon


Constitution violated

We see that Joel Pett stands with other liberals in supporting violators of our Constitution.

For your newspaper to employ this left winger shows what a liberal organization your newspaper is and you do not care that under the Obama administration we are losing more of our freedom every day. God help us.

Ken Prichard

Mount Sterling

Clueless on gun control

Joel Pett's May 5 cartoon referencing the shooting death of a two-year girl by her five-year-old brother was intended to make the National Rifle Association look uncaring about gun violence. However, I think talk-show host Cam Edwards said it better: "If gun control worked, Chicago would look like Mayberry, not Thunderdome." Pett should find a subject about which he actually has some knowledge.

Allie Gammon