Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: May 22

End U.S. aid to Islamic rebels fighting in Syria

Recently the Obama administration has agreed to give $123 million in aid to the Syrian rebels which may include vehicles, body armor, night vision goggles and other defensive military supplies.

These Islamist rebels have demanded that the Christians convert, leave or die and have stated that all Christians in these rebel territories will be cleansed.

Close to 300,000 Christians are living as refugees who have escaped persecution in Syria. Other reports contend the Christians are being used as human shields, that their churches and homes are being destroyed and that they are being shot down in the street.

If these Islamist rebels win this war, there will be no religious tolerance as has been provided by President Bashar al-Assad.

Currently there are Christian groups from more than 20 countries asking the United Nations to stop the genocide.

All funding should be stopped to the rebels, and we should be working harder with the UN to bring an immediate stop to the war and its programs of jihad. This is really bad use of U.S. tax dollars.

Richard Hellstrom


Teach gun safety

I want to commend Sam Dick, Amber Philpott and Channel 27 for a story on the 11 p.m. news May 1. These days it seems the media are bent on reporting nothing but the negative and it was so refreshing to see something negative turned into some positive reporting.

It was indeed sad to hear of the 5-year-old child who accidentally shot his 2-year-old sister. It was a tragedy. However, Channel 27 did the right thing and rather than dwell on the negative, discussed firearm safety for children.

This was some outstanding reporting, and I cannot commend them enough for turning a sad situation into an opportunity for education that will save lives.

Children absolutely should know how to act, handle and be safe around firearms. Many people have the approach of an ostrich and stick their heads in the sand when it comes to deadly weapons, and, because of this, accidents happen.

Training and open discussions about firearm safety are truly the way to prevent future tragedies, not throwing the baby out with the bathwater and banning firearms so that only the criminals who obtain them illegally will have them.

Education, knowledge and safety are always the keys.

C. Wayne Baker


Children suffering

April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, is over but abuse continues. Most reports involve the mother and boyfriend or the stepfather.

A report is investigated and marked substantiated or non-substantiated. The investigation is shrouded in secrecy under the pretense of protecting the child. The confidentiality protects only the social worker, his or her supervisor and the judge if it is ever heard in court. In most cases, even if the abuse is substantiated, the child is returned to the mother.

An example: A 7-year-old boy was made to strip, then he was whipped with a switch by the boyfriend, stripes were still on his body days later when he visited his father. A state trooper investigated, and he and a domestic relations officer and a police officer signed off for the father to have temporary custody.

When the court date arrived, the child was sent home with his mother. No charges against the boyfriend. The social worker and supervisor suggested:

1. Boyfriend is not to be left alone with the children.

2. Boyfriend is not to physically discipline the kids.

3. Mother and boyfriend will fully cooperate with the Department for Community-Based Services.

4. Mother and boyfriend will not discuss allegations with child or his brother.

What do you think those two adults did to that boy when they got him home?

Becky Richardson


Swift earns success

Taylor Swift was great. I was proud to take my preteen grandkids to her sold-out show in Lexington's Rupp Arena April 27.

Swift performed for two solid hours with no break, but kept all enthralled. In this day and age, her popularity is unbelievable because she makes no inappropriate gestures nor dons any revealing costumes.

Thanks, Taylor Swift, for being such a classy performer. Keep writing those super songs; you deserve every bit of your success.

Barbara Ellen Curtin


Senator must go

Our nation needs the leadership of John Glenn. Glenn is a complete human being by serving in the Marine Corps as a pilot, then as one of three NASA astronauts to circle the Earth and then as a U.S. senator, for all good reason — none of which appear to be felt today in others in the Senate or House.

Mitch "McConman" McConnell must go, as must House Speaker "D'oh" John "Bonehead" Boehner.

Our great nation would be so much better off without them as the highest ranking scumbags in D.C. 'Nuff said.

Darrell G. Gross


Climate and karma

In response to the person who was thankful we had global warming or we would have frozen to death this spring: Where has he been?

The correct terminology has been climate change for over a decade — because some places are getting colder, some are getting hotter, some are getting wetter, some are getting dryer and so on.

Also, how dare Sen. Mitch McConnell say that President Barack Obama is targeting him?

McConnell made it the goal of his last term to get Obama out of office, instead of working for the people of this state.

What goes around comes around. Instant karma's gonna get you, Mitch.

Lynn Fish Blacketer


Pett the pathetic

I can't help but feel sorry for the editorial staff of the Lexington Herald-Leader. It must be very hard to live a life filled with such hatred and loathing for those who disagree with you that you can't even offer a crumb of respect for a former president.

Rather on a day when even the icons of the Democratic Party are offering words of appreciation and acknowledgment of the many accomplishments of President George W. Bush, you stoop so low as to take a cheap shot in yet another waste of ink and paper by Pett the pathetic. And you wonder why your circulation is dropping and your readers are running to the TV and the Internet for news?

Rick Music