Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: May 24

Barr erred in voting for wasteful, feminist law

The House hurt women when it passed the Violence Against Women Act Feb. 28. Rep. Andy Barr wrongly voted for this nice-sounding legislation that obscures real violence to promote the feminist agenda.

VAWA is now comprised of ineffective programs that spend hundreds of millions each year. In random audits by the Inspector General repeated irregularities and misconduct were found including unauthorized and unallowable expenses in 21 of 22 grants.

There is no denying the very real problem of violence against women and children. However, this bill squanders resources for victims of actual violence. Victims who can show physical evidence of abuse should be our primary focus.

This bill also cut the office monitoring trafficking by 64 percent. It eliminated shelters for adult sex trafficking victims and changed the model law to decriminalize prostitution for minors, which endangers victims. This amendment provides a perfect opportunity for pimps, traffickers and gangs to exploit minors in the sex industry. Barr's vote hurt trafficked women.

If Barr truly wanted to protect women in his district, he would support legislation to allow Kentucky to decide how to address domestic violence within its borders.

Penny Nance

CEO/President,Concerned Women for America

Washington, DC

Spoiling natural beauty

It's absolutely sickening: the very thought of having to hauling raw sewage out of the pure and natural Boone Creek Basin by I-75 invaders.

That canopy-tour developer Burgess Carey wants to clip a few bucks in the face of a court order to stop.

From the get-go, Carey is not playing by the rules. What is yet to come?

Duke Martin


McConnell's NRA vote

The New York Times reports that the National Rifle Association gave $19,000 to Sen, Mitch McConnell, the most given to any legislator.

McConnell voted exactly the way the gun manufacturers wanted.

I had no idea that a senator could be bought for so little money. If I had known this I believe I could have gathered a few friends and out-bid the NRA.

Then, since McConnell wields the big stick among Republicans, we wouldn't have been burdened with the failure of Congress to do anything to reduce the dangerous effects of no background checks at gun shows.

Al Crabb


Use red-light cameras

I agree with a recent letter writer that Lexington has some of the worst drivers. The writer said she's seen cars running red lights, speeding, going the wrong way and one even went around hers on the median and cut back in front of her.

I had a drunken driver total one of my cars three months after I paid it off. Another was totaled by a driver not paying attention on Russell Cave.

And I was taking my wife to cardiac rehabilitation when another driver, not paying attention, wiped out my right front corner wheel. Her insurance repaired it at a large cost. I only had 3,000 miles on that car. One of my daughters has been rear-ended four times with injuries.

A person who runs red lights has no regard for human life. Many who are not killed are left maimed for life. They are left with the stress of fighting the red light runners insurance.

Many large cities receive a big source of income from their cameras at intersections.

It's time for Lexington to activate our cameras and stop or slow down red-light accidents and increase city income.

Bill Manuel


Get free information kit

A phenomenal opportunity awaits that may save lives, The Lexington Fire Department has the Vial of Life Kit free to record your medical history.

The kit is kept in the home and car to provide your doctors 'names, medical problems, surgeries, allergies to drugs, the person to contact in case of emergencies and other pertinent information.

You can take the kit to the doctor's offices when registering to save a large amount of time. The most beneficial use is on admission to the emergency room.

This information is essential to emergency personnel with administering treatment and could be critical in preventing serious treatment errors.

It is essential to take advantage of this project which has already aided thousands.

The Vial of Life began as a community improvement project in 1972 by the Suburban Woman's Club. The fire department has continued to make these kits available free for the Lexington-Fayette County residents. They are available now at your local fire stations.

Take this opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones by using the Vial of Life.

Marilyn Dixon Pfanstiel