Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: May 25

Gun murders down, but media won't report

Regarding the May 10 letter, "NRA proven right:" As usual, the mainstream media discounts anything a conservative says even though they are usually proven right.

Factcheck.org shows that violent crimes committed with guns in the U.S. declined for three straight years. Gun murders are the lowest since 1981 and gun ownership was 88.8 per 100 people in 2007 and has risen since then. Is there any correlation? Not proven but makes sense. The criminal is going to go to a gun-free zone to commit a crime.

At one time the media simply reported on what was going on, regardless of politics. Now it seems that all news is agenda driven. If the news doesn't fit your political viewpoint it simply isn't reported. Most people think gun murders are rising but this isn't true.

I long for the time when the media took pride in really digging into a story. Now it's just talking points on their favorite party. The media scourged the Tea Party for saying the IRS was targeting them.

Now we find out that it is true. A little honesty in reportage would help.

Nancy Davidson


Economic surrender

The tremendously fast changes in Americans' attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles are overwhelming to this senior citizen. I have a short story that lays out this country's future if we don't quickly change our spending habits.

An elderly farmer planted a cornfield, working day and night to make sure it would produce a large crop. A young grasshopper found the cornfield and began eating as much as he could. At the same time, a young ant also came upon the field and began working hard to bring most of the crop for storage in his home for the winter.

The grasshopper laughed at how hard the ant worked. Fall came and the crop was almost gone. Then early winter came and the grasshopper was starving, so it went to the ant's home begging for food. The ant welcomed the grasshopper inside and then ate it.

The farmer represents hard working, financially conservative, responsible American citizens of the past. The grasshopper represents today's overly aggressive and irresponsibly spending Americans. The ant represents today's hardworking, financially conservative, responsible citizens of China.

The moral of the story: If America doesn't stop its overly aggressive spending habits quickly, its future will end up just like the grasshopper's. My bet is America won't stop overspending (eating everything available) just like the grasshopper. Therefore, the answer is we Americans all better learn Chinese because China will eventually take control of America without ever firing a shot.

Thomas Burich


Postal woes

The problems facing the postal service are well known. However, those of us who consistently receive the mail as late as five or six p.m. have cause to ask the postmaster why.

In the winter, it is often dark when it arrives and, of course, all business offices are closed and, if it happens to be Friday, try to forget it until Monday. Gone are the days of routine schedules and familiar faces, especially if delivered by truck.

It could be if more was done to keep all of the customers satisfied with the service there would be more vocal support.

I personally think it needs to be returned to it's former status as a branch of the federal government where it should have remained.

Louise Eversole


Vet still waiting

Regarding Merlene Davis's article about VA benefits I think she should talk to veterans trying to get benefits.

I have been trying for over a year just to get a VA ID card to enable me to get discounts at various businesses. This was eliminated in 2009.

When discharged in 1970 I was told I had suffered hearing loss while on duty and would need help later. I spent a day at the VA center only to be told I would have to file an application and it would take about a year because they were so far behind. After a year I got a notice saying that they received my first paperwork and I would hear more later. Still waiting.

So much for good services for our vets. I am not alone in this as I know several others treated the same way.

Maybe I should talk to her sources to see if I can get help.

David Landrum


Boone beats Rogers

Rep. Hal Rogers grilled the FAA chief recently on why there was no hint of controller layoffs as a result of the sequester. A person had to be living in a cave or on the moon not to have heard all the predictions of flight delays as a result of the stupid congressional inaction on the country's financial state.

I don't know too much about Daniel Boone but I do know he wasn't a fool or a liar. How's about it, Kentucky legislature? Re-rename the Hal Rogers Parkway after someone who can be respected in Kentucky and nationally. It was the Daniel Boone Parkway and should be again!

Michael Kennedy


Paranoia on the rise

The growing, irrational belief that America's government is coming to take away citizens' guns is ludicrous.

Paranoia is fast becoming our national mental illness and is contributing to Congress' unwillingness to pass sensible gun legislation that would help keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them.

We the people are the government. We are not a dictatorship. How is the government going to run roughshod over itself? To do so would be a prime example of self-loathing.

Our country is so divided. We don't trust each other. God ordained government. To some extent to be anti-government is anti-God, anti-self, anti-neighbor.

In whom do we trust more: God or guns? Is "In God We Trust" inscribed on U.S. currency just a meaningless, feel-good slogan -- a heartless, outward expression of our religiosity?

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.