Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Gosnell Trial)

Murdered in the womb

Logic of the Herald-Leader editorial board and the culture of death when it comes to the Gosnell abortuary trial: People will always rob banks and stores to take care of their families, so we should make robbery legal and work to make it safe and rare.

The Gosnell trial has brought into the light the savagery of what goes on legally in abortion clinics all over the country every day. The reason the mainstream media was so afraid to cover this trial is that it causes many to ask, "If killing a baby six inches and seconds outside of the birth canal is murder, then what about a baby six inches back up the birth canal?"

There was a time when even the thought of killing a baby in its mother's womb would have drawn gasps and expressions of outrage. Now, the culture of death views it as empowerment.

What a sad state of affairs. People do not want to accept basic biological facts about when human life begins and are unwilling to defend the rights of the most innocent and vulnerable among us, a baby developing in its mother's womb. There should be no safer place in the world.

The Gosnell trial has forced the country to stare into the face of the logical conclusion of the culture of death (babies are being killed). Thank God many are now re-thinking their position on the wisdom of a culture that allows murder in a mother's womb.

Deacon Tim Weinmann


Promote adoption

In response to the editorial, "Protect women from Gosnells; Keep abortion safe and legal:" It is absurd to think that the morally bankrupt acts of one Kermit Gosnell merit an entire legislative repeal of the Hyde Amendment.

Underprivileged women can be shielded from the cost and health risk of late term abortions not by opening federal funding of abortion but encouraging the woman to let her child, once born, be given to a loving couple that will pay for the woman's medical expenses.

Giving a child up for adoption achieves symbiosis by aiding Medicaid and the disadvantaged woman economically while allowing adoptive parents and the child to thrive emotionally.

Michelle Stansbury