Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: May 30

Pay attention: Secular groups attacking family

There are groups of secular individuals organized into special-interest groups that are actively pressing with donations to the administration to cause the breakdown of the basic value of our culture — the family — which is essential for the future of our society, our nation and the world.

They have been actively redefining the meaning of marriage as the first stage of redefining family.

They are now attacking our religious belief and faith, especially Christianity. The armed services have already changed the military code that prevents service personnel from discussing their beliefs.

This had led me to fear that the ultimate goal of these activists is to so coarsen the values and morals of our public that we will not notice the effect of these societal movements when individuals are called out, punished and worse for standing up for the God-given rights we are guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Readers, please read or listen to the news and tell your friends who work to pay attention to the things going on in Washington. It is mind-boggling what the anti-traditional crowd is trying to perpetrate on those who have true moral convictions, and who value the idea of the basic family that has been with us for thousands of years.

Norman D. Waterbury


Obama liar in chief

What happened to the days when a president who was a despicable liar was impeached? Whether it is Richard Nixon's collaboration with the theft of political rival's information or Bill Clinton's adulterous escapades and perjury under oath, those deceivers have been outdone. Given the progressive socialists controlling the mainstream media, an American citizen wouldn't even know it.

How has Obama set himself apart from the other liars to the American people? Benghazi.

Should we be upset that his administration fabricated the blasphemous Islam video lie as the reason for the Islamic terrorist attack? Or that Obama blamed not only the idiot who made the video but the American people for being intolerant of Islam?

Which Muslims are we supposed to tolerate? Al-Qaida types (the combative Muslim extremists) who are mercilessly killing innocent civilians, like the Boston and Benghazi attacks? Or maybe the Muslim Brotherhood types (the non-combative Muslim extremists) whom Obama helped put in control of Egypt, who are allowing the raping and killing of Christians?

Or should we be upset that top military officials reportedly told Special Forces troops to abandon efforts that could have possibly saved our citizens in Benghazi?

How about the allegations that the U.S. was breaking international treaties by smuggling weaponry to the rebels for the takeover of Syria? Or how about the demotion of the government official who stood against the video lie?

How much more do we need to impeach this liar in chief? Educate yourself. Pray.

John Boarman


Drivers, adjust attitude

As a senior citizen, I attend a driver's improvement course each five years, for insurance purposes, as well as for myself.

Renewal of drivers licenses is not the answer. The problem with so many drivers is an attitude.

They have no concern for public safety and rules of the road. Once a license is obtained, the attitude is: I am on the road, and no one else should be here; it is mine and I can do as I please. Safety rules are for all others, and never themselves.

So many drivers cannot operate a vehicle without a cell phone. Driving with lights on is always for others. Red lights, stop signs, yield right of way are not meant for them. They are not aware of having turn signals, speed limits do not apply to them, simply because they do not care. It is a matter of attitude.

There seems to be little concern by police of traffic violations in our area. New Circle Road and Man o' War, are Nascar racetracks.

So remember, when you approach an intersection, look left, right, left and pray. Good luck.

Driving is a matter of attitude.

Larry Wallace


Terrell an ageist

The conductor of the Lexington Philharmonic, Scott Terrell, seems to be on a mission to systematically rid LexPhil of it's most seasoned, older musicians under the guise that they are "artistically incompetent."

And apparently the board is giving him a license to carry out his slash-and-burn agenda.

Are we supposed to be more impressed by someone from out of town as opposed to our own local, excellent musicians? Has Terrell fallen into the prevailing mentality of worshiping youth? Is anyone going to stand up to this disgusting ageist inquisition?

I plan to boycott the orchestra until someone does something.

Debbie Vandervoort


Help fight cancer

Just as the effects of a challenging economy are felt by families in every community, cancer, too, has far-reaching impact.

No matter how the stock market is performing or what the current unemployment rate may be, there are still many people battling a cancer diagnosis and many others lending support to loved ones.

These realities make the dollars donated to the American Cancer Society, a part of Fayette County for many years, critically important.

Plans are under way for the society's annnual fund-raiser, Relay For Life, which will be held at Masterson Station Park May 31 to June 1.

The money raised enables the cancer society to deliver on its mission of helping people stay well, helping people get well, finding cures and fighting back against the disease.

Relay provides money to support vital, cutting-edge research; provides cancer patients with free wigs, transportation to treatment, free lodging at our Hope Lodge; publishes lifesaving literature on cancer prevention, detection and tobacco control; and develops a new generation of medicines.

We invite everyone to join us at this community event to celebrate those who have battled cancer, to remember those lost, to fight back against the disease and to help the American Cancer Society realize its vision of a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

For more information, call 1-800-277-2345 or visit RelayForLife.org/fayetteky.

Cherlynn Stevenson

Community Promotions Chair,

Relay for Life of Fayette County

American Cancer Society

UK's cries poor wolf

Every year the University of Kentucky, crying poor, raises tuition for students struggling to pay the rising cost of an education.

Yet curiously, they seem able to access money when the opportunity comes along to buy a coveted trinket, such as the seminary next door, all while paying their top administrators hundreds of thousands of dollars plus perks and benefits.

What's wrong with this picture?

D.L. Kline


An easy answer

I am an avid Jumble Scrambled Word Game fan, as a recent letter writer is. But, contrary to that letter, I have never seen anything mentioned anywhere in the Jumble box that double letters will not be used together in the final word.

It is obvious to me that from the letters "CYOPPH," the solved word is "CHOPPY."

Phyllis O'Dell