Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: May 31

U.S. immaturity, greed hurting nation's finances

As we approach the 237th birthday of the United States of America, it may be time for a maturity check. The USA is not one of the oldest nations in existence but has been in existence long enough to be fiscally mature.

Regrettably, the USA has the fiscal maturity of a teenager.

Congress is criticizing the IRS, which is like a possum calling a rat a long-nosed vermin. Congress is responsible for a convoluted tax code, which is so easily manipulated that often actual income becomes irrelevant.

It is no wonder that some taxpayers are expressing discontent that their tax dollars are being managed by a government with little fiscal responsibility, while other taxpayers revel in a tax system which allows distortion of income or "adjusted" income.

Congress definitely wants the public to focus on a single agency, the IRS, which they have made impossible to administer, and not to focus on its own ineptitude to operate within a budget.

We watch our government grow larger, more inefficient and more in debt daily. Congress has sent the message to Americans that we are entitled to live beyond our means, just like the United States government. American greed is rewarded.

There will always be cheaters, but a simple and fair tax system from an honest Congress would go a long way in restoring faith in the USA and making more people proud to pay their taxes. Has anyone pointed out to Congress that failing to operate within available means is dishonest?

Lynn Tucker


Tea Party, be gone

The infringement of the Tea Party-conservative-libertarian Republican's ideologies onto us poor hardworking people in Kentucky will be the downfall of these here United States of America.

Victor Privett


Review off mark

Contrary to contributing critic Tedrin Blair Lindsay's review, I thought the May 10 Lexington Philharmonic concert was my favorite in 25 years of attendance.

Susan K. Harbour


Double trouble

I keep hearing how well the double-diamond crossover works on Harrodsburg Road at New Circle. I travel northbound around 4 p.m. each day to get onto New Circle Road. Before the change to the intersection, traffic would back up beyond Beaumont Centre Parkway to the fire station on Harrodsburg and it would take two to three light changes (10 to 15 minutes) to get onto New Circle.

I now stop in the left lane to get onto New Circle at the fire station and wait two to three light changes to get onto New Circle. It is so much nicer now and the state used a lot of tax money to make traffic flow so much better.

I hear we are planning to get the same improvements to other intersections. At this pace, New Circle traffic will be much better because you won't be able to get on it.

Someone needs to look at the real conditions of the double diamond exchange, during peak traffic times. Lexington needs improvements to traffic. This was not one of them.

Steve Christopher


Liberal oops

I hope all you liberals and Reid-and-Pelosi Democrats are very happy with President Pinnochio.

You should be very proud that Barack Obama may have sicced the IRS on us poor people who love America the way it was under our Constitution, and disagree with him.

I am sure that you are very happy that your next candidate for president, Hillary Clinton has misled Congress and us about Benghazi and asked what difference it made about why four Americans were murdered in Benghazi.

I am sure you are pleased that Associated Press reporters' phone records were examined by the great Eric Holder's justice department.

Thank you for being so brilliant.

Bill Morton


Triple Crown history

After Kentucky Derby winner Orb finished fourth at the Preakness, we are in the longest drought ever for a Triple Crown winner. The last was Affirmed in 1978.

Besides Affirmed, there were 10 other horses who won the Triple Crown: Sir Barton (1919), Gallant Fox (1930), Omaha (1935), War Admiral (1937), Whirlaway (1941), Count Fleet (1943), Assault (1946), Citation (1948), Secretariat (1973), and Seattle Slew (1977).

Since Affirmed last won the Triple Crown, 11 horses won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, but lost the Belmont: Spectacular Bid (1979), Pleasant Colony (1982), Alysheba (1987), Sunday Silence (1989), Silver Charm (1997), Real Quiet (1998), Charismatic (1999), War Emblem (2002), Funny Cide (2003), Smarty Jones (2004), and Big Brown (2008).

I think the next Triple Crown winner won't be in the next 50 or 100 years.

Paul Bacon

Hallandale Beach, Fla.