Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: June 5

Official charade failed neighbors of Euclid Kroger

It would have been more honest and humane if, back in 2011, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government officials had sent the following letter to residents affected by the upcoming construction of a new Kroger at Euclid and Marquis avenues, as approved May 23 by the Planning Commission:

"Please be notified that the city plans to rezone a corner of your neighborhood and change numerous variances for the purpose of constructing a big-box Kroger.

"This will hurt your neighborhood by creating traffic congestion; using a residential street for large delivery trucks; putting pedestrian shoppers at risk; removing trees and current green space; reducing main entrances to the parking lot from four to one and using a narrow driveway for additional access; obliterating the sense that Columbia Heights is a residential neighborhood by allowing Kroger's new back wall (20-plus feet tall by 200 feet long) within 18 inches of the property line along Marquis, and destroying the value of nearby historic homes.

"We intend to go through a charade of listening to your concerns by holding public meetings; inviting you to discuss this issue with public officials, Kroger agents and an architect chosen by the mayor, and by encouraging you to write letters, circulate and sign petitions and express yourselves to the Planning Commission.

"However, nothing you do will deter us from carrying out this plan, so don't waste your time and energy trying to change our minds. They are already made up."

Patricia A. Lawrence


Stop coddling killers

What is wrong with our judicial system? Jodi Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder, so give her the death penalty.

She shows up in court with her hair done, makeup on, no handcuffs or chains, smiling as she does her interviews. What a shame. Now she wants to live so she can be a better person.

O.J. Simpson, another criminal who wants another trial in Nevada, comes to court handcuffed and chained the way it should be.

Everyone who has committed murder has the right to plea bargain for their lives. Their victims didn't have a chance to plea bargain for their lives. I'm sure they wanted to live too.

The military major who killed 13 Army personnel is another person who should be put to death.

How many people on death row should taxpayers have to support? At least Texas does away with them. I believe in an eye for an eye.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear

Time to draw lines

Observations of two news items:

Advocates for funding a program to provide "affordable" housing for citizens have recommended adding another tax on insurance premiums paid by Lexingtonians.

Examination of the current and projected 2014 city budgets reveals they already lack enough resources to fully fund programs already approved. Imposing a new tax is an additional burden for already overtaxed citizens, especially in an economy where taxes should be reduced.

He who wants to levy a new tax should instead declare his program a higher priority than another program, identify that program and recommend it be cut out. Yes, no more taxes. Taxed enough already.

The Lexington Center board is seeking naming contracts for the various segments of the renovation of the Rupp and convention structures. Be careful what you ask for.

Caution should be exercised to have enough rules to control the competition for the arena name and avoid hearing announcer Jim Nantz say: "The next game on our schedule will be Sunday at Big Ass Fans Arena when Kentucky hosts Florida."

The decision should be: Leave it alone as Rupp Arena.

William H. Wheeler


Liberals ruining U.S.

Big government is out of control. Old yellow-dog Democrats and the young low-information voters have led us down the road to disaster. Liberals are the scourge of the Earth. Now they have a leader in President Barack Obama.

This tyrant acts more like a dictator than a president.

We now have insurmountable debt. By the end of this year, the amount of public debt will exceed the amount under all of the presidents put together.

The things that have happened since Obama became president are appalling. Obama and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands over the Benghazi debacle.

Then there is "Fast and Furious," where guns were sold to Mexican drug cartels' killers. And there was Solyndra, where hundreds of millions of tax dollars were wasted on a company that was supposed to make solar panels. It went belly up.

Now we find that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups. So what did Obama do? He fired the man in charge. Big deal. He was going to retire in June anyway.

Homeland Security purchased over a billion rounds of ammunition and many personnel carriers. What is up with that?

This country has done great for around 230 years. Now we are rolling downhill like a snowball headed for hell.

Doyle Glass


History disputed

Bill Clinton is right that there is not "a person to waste."

However, retired teacher Roger Guffey is mistaken in his column as he tries to "out" historical figures, particularly those from ancient, medieval and early modern eras.

Though I do not begrudge his message of tolerance, I cannot abide his misuse of history to further an agenda.

Not only is there little to no evidence for most of these individuals being gay, what little evidence we have can be highly misleading and is open to interpretation. Guffey's assumptions have little basis in fact.

Many know that some ancient Greek societies accepted the custom of men taking adolescent boys to love and protect. This sometimes resulted in what we today consider homosexual relationships. However, once the adolescent grew a beard and thus became a man, this relationship was ended.

Any attempt to continue such a relationship between two grown men was taboo. The Macedonian culture of Alexander the Great was similar. It is probably true that he had a male lover, in addition to female lovers and wives. Does that make him a homosexual?

In the Roman Empire, legionaries were not supposed to marry during their 20 years in the army. Nonetheless, many married with little punishment. If legionaries were caught in a homosexual act, however, they could expect capital punishment.

I implore readers to research history themselves. Not only will invaluable insight into the evolution of human culture(s) be gained, but also factual knowledge to use against misinformation.

John Baker