Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: June 6

Parents dead by doctor errors, but hospital well-rated

After reading an article on hospital ratings, I was ready to scream. These are nothing but lies because they manipulate the truth.

My dad went to a major heart hospital to have a stent placed. The doctor used a rotary blade and shredded the artery, causing my dad's death.

His death certificate reads "multiple organ failure." It doesn't say it was the result of the surgeon's mistake. They list what looks good for their ratings and I live daily without my dad because they killed him.

Think long and hard about "routine" surgeries. If they botch it, you become a statistic they have to cover up.

Last June, my mother went in hospital to shock and regulate her heart. Noninvasive, not surgery. Yet she did not survive either.

I have lost both of my parents due to hospital and doctors' mistakes. These are stats they don't want you to know and they will lie to protect those ratings.

Sherrie Dow


McConnell good senator

Rarely does a day go by without one of your readers attacking Sen. Mitch McConnell. I feel that a dose of political reality is needed.

McConnell, through hard work and honest performance, has risen to be the second most influential person in Washington. Perhaps, once a century does a commonwealth like ours produce a person of this standing.

We were lucky to have enjoyed the same good fortune in the 20th century with Wendell Ford's rise to Democratic Whip.

The very idea of suggesting that we replace the senator with a greenhorn would be a terrible waste of expense and connections on Capitol Hill. It takes 20 years minimum to get chairmanship of key committees, and to know the players who shape public policy. Who better to stand strong for Kentucky coal and our other vital interests?

It is folly to suggest replacing him with a beauty queen or movie star.

I have known the senator since his first election in 1984. Throughout his tenure he has served honorably; never involved in scandal or deceit. His wife, Elaine Chou, is the former secretary of labor and a wonderful person.

Lastly, politically aware people recognize that the senator is the most effective counter balance to the current administration. I don't suggest the administration is misguided, but there is always a need to make sure that neither side dominates the national agenda.

Kentucky must return McConnell to six more years in Washington.

Steven H. Caller


Cover both sides

When presenting a story concerning a public entity and the use of any public monies, it is imperative that the Herald-Leader offer facts which cover both sides of the story at hand.

Recent coverage of the attempts by HealthFirst to acquire and develop a clinic on Southland Drive has thus far failed to fully present the factual basis of this issue from the viewpoint of the clinic officials.

Prior to publishing, a reporter's story must be closely scrutinized as to the clarity and thoroughness of the fact-checking that has occurred.

It is hoped that any future coverage of this issue will result in such scrutiny by the paper's editors.

Robert Altwies


'Grand Night' too pricey

I have always enjoyed going to "Grand Night for Singing" and have not missed a show in 20 years.

This year will be the first time since there is not a discount for University of Kentucky faculty, staff and retirees.

I know I have not paid $40 each year to see this show. I looked online to purchase tickets and was surprised to see the price.

I called the Singletary Center's ticket office and was told the price was correct. There are a lot of staff and retirees who attend this show and now cannot afford to do so. Shame on whoever hiked the price up for this group.

I know my group can't afford to go this year. We really looked forward to seeing the show.

Judith Stimmel


Terrell must explain

The arts scene in Lexington is as vibrant as it's ever been. However, one of our most cherished institutions is becoming more dysfunctional by the day.

It is a discredit to the founding artists of The Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra that our local, world class musicians are being passed over for musicians, in many instances of lesser stature, from other cities.

As Rich Copley noted in a May 27 front-page article, Philharmonic, conductor Scott Terrell chose to hire a saxophonist from Cincinnati to play the May 10 concert.

For the past 25 years, that privilege was bestowed on a renowned Lexington musician who is also head of the University of Kentucky's jazz program, Miles Osland.

Adding insult to injury, Terrell failed to give Osland the most basic professional courtesy of a phone call to explain his decision.

Other local musicians have similar stories. Terrell's refusal to comment for Copley's recent article speaks volumes.

Orchestras across the country are consistently cash-strapped. It makes no sense to incur additional expenses to bring in out of town musicians, who are not headliners, when we have highly qualified musicians who are most eager for the work.

The dedicated local members of the orchestra, who work so hard for so little pay, deserve an answer straight from the maestro's mouth.

Robyn Rabbeth Leach


Wrong view of Islam

The May 30 letter, "Obama, liar in chief," expressed a political view that I do not hold, but I fully believe the writer has the right to express it publicly. What I do not agree with is this newspaper's willingness to publicize this man's stereotype of Islam as only al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.

These two groups do not represent Islam. How would the writer feel if I likened all Christians to the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church?

Perhaps the Herald-Leader should refrain from publishing xenophobic letters as well as trusting in the intelligence of its readers.

Alice Mathews


Jumped to conclusions

Regarding a May 31 letter critical of President Barack Obama, a couple of corrections are in order. First, that the president "may have" done something is pure speculation.

Second, despite what consistently comes out of the Republican spin factory at Fox News, there is no proof that Hillary Clinton misled Congress. Those who make assertions like these should really do a little research first.

Jonathan Morris


Hold militias to account

Our Constitution declares that a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state and makes the president the commander in chief of the militia of the several states.

If the president does not know the names and locations of all militia members, along with their fitness for duty and the weaponry in their custody, he needs to compile this information.

It's time to start registering the arms borne by each state's militia.

Douglas Andersen