Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: June 8

If you try sometimes, you just might find ... you still won't get gun control passed

The Rolling Stones' big song of 1969 reminded us "You can't always get what you want." This seemed for years like a realistic message but now I recognize the National Rifle Association always gets what it wants.

It doesn't matter how many children, teachers and others are shot to pieces. If you try to get sane gun regulations you will be trampled by NRA money and power. They refuse reasonable dialogue in addressing the deaths, shattered bodies, and broken hearts inflicted by gun violence.

It is perplexing that the loudest supporters of guns are the people in the Bible belt who somehow overlook Christ's call for "loving our neighbor as our self, doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, and ministering unto the least of these." The only answer the NRA has is to arm everybody with every type of weapon, with magazines and clips holding many rounds, and this will bring peace and safety.

The NRA's attitude is, "Our way is the only way." Politicians tremble in fear of the NRA. Members blindly accept their lies and distortion like mice following the Pied Piper off the bridge and into the deep water.

Let me ask these simple questions:

1. If Christ were a member of Congress today, would he support the NRA?

2. Will assault weapons be allowed in heaven?

3. On which day of creation did God create guns?

4. If the disciples were on Earth would they wear concealed weapons under their robes?

We can protect Second Amendment rights by using common sense to create reasonable rules.

Bob Terrell


Biofuels a waste

The disadvantages of burning alcohol in our vehicles are increasing.

A Lundberg survey of April 21 said: "The trend of lower gasoline prices may reverse soon because of . . . the cost of meeting U.S. renewable-fuel standards".

Our federal government purchased flex-fuel vehicles, but burn regular gasoline because the mileage realized with E85 fuel makes it more expensive, despite the government subsidies. These subsidies will add $16 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years.

A Colorado State University study found that Renewable Fuel Standard-mandated biofuels production will be so costly that it is likely to increase ethanol prices by 18.8 percent, raising the cost of gasoline, which is required to be blended with ethanol.

The social cost for meeting all Renewable Fuel Standard biofuel mandates is $67 billion. This includes all money diverted to biofuels development.

Federal subsidies for ethanol production were estimated at more than $7.8 billion in 2011, including nearly $7.5 billion in tax credits.

Increased ethanol production has raised food prices for meat and corn. Corn prices have risen 64 percent since 2005. A GAO study found that costs to gas retailers for new fuel dispensers could reach $100,000 each.

Ethanol contains 33 percent less energy per gallon than gasoline and damages engines and diminishes performance.

The energy-independence argument is gone, due to increased production of domestic oil.

No one has given us one good reason to continue this policy. Except politics.

Richard and Elizabeth Bendure


Fight elder abuse

Elder abuse is past due for further research, to determine the adverse impact it is having on America's largest group of citizens and our society. Prompt attention must be given to the cause and cure of this rampant act of disrespect of our senior adult population.

When parents gave permission to their children to address adults by their first names, further episodes of disrespect followed. On the surface, and especially to the young, this may not seem problematic.

Nevertheless, to stop the abuse of senior citizens, we must vehemently demand that all employers train their employees to reestablish the ageless practice of addressing and referring to all customers as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or whatever title is respectful and appropriate.

Teach them that calling any customers by their first name is inappropriate. As well, we must teach all students from grade K through college, that disrespect will never be tolerated, and their grades will reflect any disrespectful behavior.

The result of not being proactive by teaching respect in our homes, schools and churches is a society that has little regard for those who have struggled for years to ensure that the generations that follow have all they need to rear responsible God-fearing children to become compassionate and loving citizens.

Calvin Banks Sr.


Mideast madness

The ultimate blame for the constant turmoil in the Middle East since the 1990s is the Congress of the United States. For example, in 1998, Congress with its Iraq Liberation Act funded and ordered the president to remove President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Clinton didn't respond and was impeached.

Sept. 11, 2001, President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney were complicit in the aerial attack on the United States.

Their actions were to incite the American people to allow the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Congress wasn't a problem as the majority were traitors to the United States, as was former President Harry S. Truman.

The latest congressional fiasco was the Benghazi affair that has ruined the lives of two U.S. military flag officers, which will result in the needless deaths and injuries of Americans, Syrians and Iranians.

The Federal Reserve and the money lenders will eliminate the threat of petrodollar replacement, which will further our national debt.

No worries. Congress will kill more Americans but increase their wealth. A continuation of 5,700-plus years of Jews buying their host country's leadership in the name of a non-existing God of Abraham.

Billy Ray Wilson


Media in denial

Why won't the mainstream media inform the public of the United Kingdom's Met Office report, which concluded that "there has been no statistically significant increase in annual global temperatures since 1997"?

This is the UK's national weather service and major source of global temperature data for the scientific community worldwide.

It was headline news that atmospheric CO2 levels had reached 400 ppm recently, as if this were a significant milestone.

Back in January, 2008 the media broadcast James Hansen's claim that 350 ppm was a "climate tipping point" beyond which warming would accelerate.

But the climate has stopped warming and the CO2 levels continue to climb. Why isn't this news?

The real climate research shows the climate is cyclical, warming and cooling over time in lockstep with the activity cycles of the sun.

But that's not very exciting and has no economic or political value.

This imagined crisis has spawned a politically driven juggernaut of renewable energy subsidies and green energy projects consuming hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

How do researchers, governments, mainstream media and environmentalists of every ilk admit after two decades of "CO2- is-destroying-our-planet" proselytizing that they were fooled?

Maybe this explains why the UK report was not newsworthy.

George Tomaich