Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: June 11

Owner Rick Corman, attended the re-dedication ceremony for the Jay Station depot at the RJ Corman Railroad Group's corporate office in April 2008. Jay Station is a railroad depot that was moved from its nearby original site to the new site near Nicholasville.
Owner Rick Corman, attended the re-dedication ceremony for the Jay Station depot at the RJ Corman Railroad Group's corporate office in April 2008. Jay Station is a railroad depot that was moved from its nearby original site to the new site near Nicholasville. Lexington Herald-Leader

Barr thoughtful in supporting anti-violence law

I was saddened to see Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance's misinformed letter on May 24 regarding the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and slamming Rep. Andy Barr for his support of it.

Nance's assertion that the law "hurts women" and "squanders resources" is ridiculous. I have worked in domestic violence for over 30 years and, in my opinion, VAWA is the single most effective piece of legislation ever to address domestic violence crime.

VAWA has enabled our community and others across Kentucky to greatly enhance our system of services and protections to promote victim safety and offender accountability. It has supported top-quality training for professionals who work in domestic violence so that we can intervene more effectively.

It has also funded real services, such as officers on the streets to arrest offenders, advocates to provide support and safety planning with victims, and other services that victims need to re-establish their lives, such as legal assistance, housing support and supervised visitation for children.

Domestic violence is a national problem, like drugs or gangs, and the federal government has an important role to play. VAWA has provided us with access to national experts and given us the opportunity to learn from model programs across America.

Rather than limiting Kentucky's autonomy, it has provided information and resources to help us work more efficiently and effectively.

Unlike Nance, Barr carefully considered the programs VAWA funds and their impact on Kenwtucky families, and then he cast an informed and affirmative vote.

Thank you, Rep. Barr.

Teri Faragher

LFUCG Domestic Violence Prevention Board


Enough is enough

I am a gun owner who learned to use and respect firearms at an early age. However, the easy availability of battlefield weapons and their irresponsible use pose a much greater danger to our civil society than any imagined threat to our right to bear arms.

It is time for Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and Rep. Andy Barr to represent the American people instead of irrational special interest groups by taking action to stop the endemic gun violence that threatens our civil society.

I am asking, in the name of all that is good and decent, for high-capacity magazines to be regulated, universal background checks be required for all gun purchases and an age of responsibility be established for firearm ownership.

Since 1968, more Americans have been killed here at home, by gunfire, than all of our soldiers killed in all the wars our nation has fought. Enough is enough.

No firearm should be marketed to 5-year-old children, who could accidentally kill their siblings. Protecting gun industry profits is not the same as protecting our right to bear arms. Lawmakers must act to stop this insanity.

The Second Amendment exists to ensure the security of a free state. No "well-regulated militia" could or would allow the kind of horror, terror and violence that is being imposed on our civil population. We cannot fear going to public events or places because we may be gunned down.

J. David Hollingsworth


McConnell was right

Recent events indicate that Sen. Mitch McConnell was correct in his assertion that Chicago-style politics are alive and well in Washington and Kentucky.

As we learn of the outrageous scandals of the Internal Revenue Service, Justice Department, Benghazi and other assorted revelations that threaten our privacy and freedoms, McConnell should be given credit for attempting to stifle the liberal progressive intrusion and progressive overreach to control our free press and punish those who disagree with Obama's policies.

Charles Tipton


Midway on its way

"Find Your Way at Midway." When I first read this new marketing slogan from Midway College, I thought I was looking at a serious typo. It should have read: "Find Your Way, Midway"

For well over 10 years, this beautiful little Bluegrass gem has been in complete disarray.

Sadly, the situation was no secret to many. Yet, everyone looked the other way as lives were negatively impacted and dreams were destroyed.

The good news is that finally corrective action was taken and, with a little time, new president John P. Marsden, along with his faculty and staff, will restore this wonderful little institution to its rightful spot as a leading place for people to get the education and life experiences they need to be happy, productive citizens.

A word of advice: In the mass communications field, traditional thinkers used to think that people either moved toward a persuasive message (believed it), or away from it (did not believe it). Today, in some cases (as I suspect is happening here), people move against the message; they not only don't believe it; they resent it.

The first step is to find out where you are; then define where you need to be. Then, maybe they can back up their current marketing slogan.

Good luck to Marsden and staff.

Russ Lay


Praise for Corman

I have been a citizen of Lexington since 1930 and have watched many people come and go. There are those who leave a lasting legacy and many who do not.

I wish to acknowledge R.J. Corman, and thank him for all the many improvements he has accomplished for our wonderful Central Kentucky area.

I know just a little about his background but know that he came up the hard way. He made several brilliant decisions many years ago when he entered the railroad salvage business and has built one of or the best of its kind anywhere.

I grew up in Lexington and was schooled here. I always wished to be an engineer, so I had more than a passing interest in railroads.

Corman has put together a small local line railroad to service the businesses of this area and has done very well.

Rights of way have been cleaned up, track relayed and improved, road beds reinforced and modernized, and bridges painted in the Corman colors.

All of these things make our area much more attractive and impressive to all who pass through.

There is much more to be told, but Corman needs to be recognized in an official way for his tireless efforts on our behalf.

Dr. E.I. Scrivner, Jr.


Where's Biden?

With the Benghazi, AP phone taps and IRS scandals hitting the White House, does anyone besides me wonder, where is "Uncle Joe" Biden?

I think we all know, if Uncle Joe is allowed to speak on the scandals in his ramblings, he could bring the president and White House down.

Again, has anyone heard from Uncle Joe since the scandals hit or does the White House have him locked in a room somewhere?

Bill Warren