Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: June 21

Transy faculty's behavior thuggish in recent crisis

The tragic circumstances surrounding the resignation of R. Owens Williams, president of Transylvania University, reflect most poorly on the faculty.

Obviously this situation has been plotted to create the most damage possible to this man, driven by a newspaper hungry for controversy.

This public lynching has taken place over too-short a period for constituencies, such as alumni who not living in the immediate area, to weigh in or consider the issues.

Plainly, many of the faculty have concerns that they are unable to meet the minimum standard of publishing and research expected in an institution of standing.

Why else would the faculty not want to raise the reputation of Transylvania while lifting themselves into the company of leading college and university scholars?

As to offended feminists at the school, women in powerful positions of leadership abound at Transylvania. However, certain minorities have been significantly lacking for generations, while Caucasian women thrive. How hypocritical of such an elitist community of educators.

One expects of institutions such as Transylvania a refinement born of knowledge and enlightenment. This sad charade has disabused many of such notions.

Transylvania was a nice, little school before Williams, and I am sure it will continue to be so, thanks to the wealth accumulated by trustees, alumni and others who have made it a secure and comfortable place for faculty — from which they can behave like union thugs.

With such provincial, and protectionist attitudes, it will never be the top Kentucky liberal arts college or a top tier school nationally.

The Rev. Walter Van Zandt Windsor

Transylvania Class of 1981

Pine Bluff, Ark.

Good Samaritan

On June 5, an horrific car wreck occurred at about 1 a.m. on Ashgrove Road in Jessamine County.

Dwight Fugate, who lived nearby, heard a loud noise and immediately went to the scene and was able to rescue our granddaughter, Sarah Allie Smith Brock. His actions no doubt saved her life.

God sent an angel that night. Our family cannot thank Fugate enough.

David and Janet Smith


Miss Bush yet?

I would caution other letter writers about trashing the Republican Party. Kentucky is an overwhelmingly Democratic state, yet President Barack Obama got creamed here in the last election.

The Democrats have turned Kentucky into a welfare state. Obamacare is destroying full-time jobs. Employers are instead using part-time workers to avoid paying health insurance. There is no paying off the debt.

George W. Bush wasn't perfect, but he was a lot more sensible than the reject we have now.

Charles Cable


Are the kids alright?

There seem to be an awful lot of school bus accidents in the paper lately, often resulting in the injury of children.

The reason is simple: people become missiles when not secured during a crash.

With all this talk about police ticketing those who don't wear seat belts, doesn't it make sense to have seat belts on school buses?

Seat-belt safety is for every vehicle, not just cars and trucks.

Dennis Childs


150-plus mph club

I agree with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski that the Kentucky Speedway is a little bumpy and reminds me of the Darlington tracks.

I had the opportunity to go around this track recently, thanks to my daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Tim. I noticed a lot of vibration in the car upon entering the turns, and even some on the straightaways.

On the plus side, I now belong to the 150-plus mph club.

Bill Manuel


Blowing smoke

I think gas retailers should be ashamed of themselves. Between Nicholasville and Lexington, a span of 10 miles, there was once a price difference of 30 cents a gallon.

I'll never buy gas in this city again until someone does something about this ripoff.

Pete Horine