Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor/coal matters: June 23

Keep severance in E. KyI was outraged to read that $2.5 million of coal severance tax is being given to Rupp Arena redesign.

If this is not illegal, it should be. Those Eastern Kentucky counties that produced that revenue are due their fair share of those funds for their economic needs. Central Kentucky continually bashes coal, but has no qualms in taking their money.

How many of those laid-off miners and other middle-class Eastern Kentuckians will benefit from Rupp Arena? They are as avid University of Kentucky fans as you'll find anywhere, but very few could afford season tickets to their games (even if there were tickets available).

The judge-executives of those counties should take whatever legal steps they can to stop this outrage and certainly should look at those Frankfort officials who approved it.

LaVonne Caudill


Ignoring the obvious

What goes up must come down, as you know. But what bothers me most is that our so-called "Friends of Coal" refuse to believe that their poisonous gases and particles don't just pollute our air but also our waters, lands and bodies too.

The pollutants I refer to include mercury, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, soot, ash, and dozens of others that are well known to be hazardous to humans, animals, fish and the land itself.

Why do you think there are so many innocent babies born with birth and mental defects in southEastern Kentucky counties where coal is king? The same applies for anyone who lives near or downwind from coal burning power plants across Kentucky and our nation.

But what makes things so much worse and immoral is that most of the top-level people such as owners, CEOs and others of their ilk don't live near any of the coal mines or power plants that use their hazardous materials fromwhich they make millions and billions of dollars every year. Why do you think that is? And the so-called Wildcat Coal Lodge is the biggest farce related to University of Kentucky basketball, but that's another story for another time.

Darrell G. Gross


Upset with Stumbo

I am highly upset with House Speaker Greg Stumbo. Of all the people in Frankfort who should know how important the coal severance money is to Eastern Kentucky, he's the one who should be standing up for us.

We all love the Kentucky Wildcats, but we just can't afford to give away $2.5 million to Rupp Arena when our schools and our kids desperately need that money.

Those environmental people who don't like coal are probably happy though. They get to go to basketball games in a new Rupp Arena while trying to shut down the coal business. They'll be about the only Democrats that vote for Stumbo next time. Shame on him.

Kathy Baker


Let Rupp users pay

Every day, I am thankful that we have a free press in our country. What would our honorable politicians do if the Herald-Leader weren't watching them?

Frankfort, Lexington and Louisville politicians are robbing Eastern Kentucky citizens to finance their arenas and stadiums with coal tax money. Let those who use the arenas and stadiums pay for them — not the citizens of Eastern Kentucky and the coal industry.

Also, let's stop glorifying the Bourbon industry. Alcohol is a drug that kills hundreds and wrecks many lives. Politicians should have a set time to conduct their business in Frankfort. No more special sessions.

Joe Webb


Curses upon you

Curses upon you thieving flatlanders. May a thousand coal trucks dump their load on the road to Rupp Arena. May your windshields be as cracked as you skin.

Greg Stumbo has betrayed us. Rupp does not need renovation more than Eastern Kentucky needs essential services.

May 10,000 redbirds poop in the state legislative chambers. This is enough to make Cardinal fans out of us.

Glen F. Kirk