Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: June 27

Bluegrass reached out to Oklahoma tornado victims

About a month ago, a group left Lexington for Moore, Okla. These volunteers participated in the Kentucky to Oklahoma Relief Trip, sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Police Bluegrass Lodge No. 4.

On behalf of the 20 volunteers, we extend our appreciation to the entire Bluegrass for its amazing support. Because of the generosity of local businesses and community members, we provided more than 600 volunteer hours to a dozen families who were directly affected by the tornadoes that ravaged Central Oklahoma.

We offered truly significant assistance, creating friends and memories in the process. Locally, a number of businesses and organizations provided material and financial support.

These included Army Supply Warehouse, Home Depot, Walmart, the Citizens' Police Academy Alumni Association, Bluegrass Clinic of London, Central Bank, South Elkhorn Christian Church, Harrodsburg United Methodist Church, Midway College, Luxury Pets of Richmond, Wagner Rental and Supply, Ashland Rental, Champs, Southland Christian Church, Crossroads Christian Church and FOP Bluegrass Lodge No. 4.

We also had dozens of individuals donate directly, allowing us to combine their many contributions into a large, powerful one.

Our communities exhibited the genuineness and hospitality of our region and demonstrated the bond that Americans share when confronted by tragedy. The Bluegrass rose to the challenge, showed its true character of caring and support, and made our trip a resounding success. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Jonathan Bastian


Wasteful lawsuit

A recently published study in Health Affairs magazine examines Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Its authors are two Ph.D. mathematicians working at RAND Corporation.

This study conclude that there is no better alternative than all 50 states engaging in the ACA's generous provision to support Medicaid expansion in the states.

State responsibility for Medicaid expansion costs in 2020 and beyond will never be higher than 10 percent.

Right now, without Medicaid expansion buy-in, states will continue on average to pay 43 percent of Medicaid costs.

Most likely 14 states, happily not including Kentucky, will refuse to expand Medicaid. This act of defiance will leave 3.6 million people uninsured.

It will cause federal transfer payments to these states to fall by $8.4 billion. And these states are likely to see spending increase by $1 billion because of uninsured citizens.

It looks like the emotionally agitated group's lawsuit against Gov. Steve Beshear is a frivolous waste of taxpayers' dollars.

Doug Epling


Hire at home

It is time for Congress to deny the use of H1B visas to businesses in this country that have had layoffs in the last five years.

Donald R. Fugette


A coal-fired future?

About Robert Redford's plea to President Barack Obama regarding his campaign promise of engaging the fight against global warming: While coal-fired power plants are often targeted for their CO2 emissions, possible solutions do exist.

With nitrogen being in liquid form at between minus 320 degrees to minus 345 degrees, it may be possible using different cooling methods to super cool exhaust gases from coal-fired power plants and burn them, similar to a catalytic converter.

If such a burn process is possible, then it may be possible to reduce CO2 emissions while increasing the efficiency of coal-fired power plants.

James Lindgaard


Barr, Rogers, waste

Why are Andy Barr, Hal Rogers and the rest of the Republican house majority wasting time voting to defund Acorn when they could be voting to repeal Obamacare for the 38th time?

Norman E. Goldie, Jr.

Mount Sterling

Favored security status

The Transportation Safety Administration in the Philadelphia airport requires people to stand in one of two lines.

If you have a coach ticket, you're in one line. If you have a first-class ticket, you get in the shorter line.

Yes, those who can afford a first-class ticket get preferential treatment from the U.S. government. They likely pay a higher marginal income tax rate, so they earn favored status from this federal agency.

Otherwise, the federal government treats everyone equally. Although some are treated more equally than others.

Harwell F. Smith


Signal needed

How do you make a left turn from Alexandria Drive onto Leestown Road?

Ignore the sign and make the turn anyway, disregarding the drivers behind you, who wants to make the proper right turn?

Or turn right, then immediately cross the double yellow line into the driveway apron that sits a few feet down the road on the left, and make a U-turn?

Either decision endangers others and yourself. Why not install a traffic signal? We don't have enough of them anyway.

Happy motoring and I'll see you in the flashing yellow light, left-turn lanes.

Mark Romanelli


Obama ruining U.S.

In response to a June 4 letter, "Obama's achievements," the only insult to Kentucky voters came from Barack Obama.

His war on coal is bad enough; we also have high unemployment.

The government spent taxpayers' dollars to bail out General Motors and Chrysler. As for the budget crisis, how long must Bush be gone before Obama takes responsibility? No one in their right mind wants to pay higher taxes.

I almost laughed when the writer said Democrats are for the poor, sick and elderly. Under Obama, the poor have suffered. He has done nothing to create jobs, pay down the debt, balance the budget, and, are you kidding me, tough on terror?

Democrats want you to turn over your livelihood to big government, pay higher taxes, be more dependent on welfare programs, join the socialist health care program, and, as for Osama bin Laden, we don't know if he is dead or hiding in the Lincoln bedroom. Obama refuses to release the photographs.

Obama loves our Constitution so much he retired it in favor of executive orders.

This country is a shell of its former self. We were lied to by Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious, and by the CIA over drones, lied to over the IRS debacle and about Obama's positions on gay marriage and firearms. Lying is all Obama has done.

Obama promised change when he ran in 2008. We got it. We've changed from a superpower to a super mess.

Gregory M. Blankenship