Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: July 9

Philharmonic should welcome outside talent

The media coverage of and reactions to changes at the Lexington Philharmonic since the arrival of music director Scott Terrell have been interesting and perplexing.

I have been fortunate to serve on the LexArts Board and have come to understand the inner workings of many of the area's arts organizations. What we are seeing at the Philharmonic, as Terrell works to take this organization to the next level, is truly wonderful for this community.

Disapproval has been expressed by some of our local musicians because non-local musicians are winning auditions and are now occupying a few more seats than in the past. What a tremendous compliment to the Philharmonic and to Lexington. When musicians from elsewhere are willing to invest their time and money just for a chance to audition and play with our orchestra, we should all be grateful and proud.

Instead of complaining about others wanting to join the Lexington Philharmonic's ranks, our musicians and audiences should welcome these players and step up to the challenge that new energy and talent can bring. The significant growth of the Philharmonic's audience during the past few years attests to the exciting things it is doing.

Celebrate and support the great asset we have in the Lexington Philharmonic and rise to the challenge of helping it become a model regional orchestra.

Steve Grossman


Obama clueless elitist

The president has chosen to listen to the limousine liberals and tree-hugging elitists rather than the hardworking folks of Kentucky and other coal- mining states. This is a true shame.

I am especially upset because I am a lifelong Yellow Dog Democrat who feels that Democratic officeholders should look out for the interests of working-class folks and not of the clueless elite. I voted for Obama twice hoping that he would be a realist on environmental issues and that he would do things to help create more well-paying jobs and not destroy jobs by being a radical environmentalist.

When I drive down U.S. 23 from Ashland to the Virginia state line, I always see evidence of the hard times in Eastern Kentucky.

There are lots of reasons why Obama is the most unpopular president in these parts since Herbert Hoover. Hoover was a job killer, and so is Obama.

One other thing from this old Kentucky hillbilly Democrat: I believe that my God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Enough said.

Brad Franklin


A lump of coal

On a recent Governor's Mansion tour, I saw a door half open and looked in. The room was empty except for two chairs in the middle of the room, with a gentleman standing between them. One chair had a lump of coal in it, the other a person. I walked up to the gentleman in the middle and he said, "Ask the lump of coal his name."

I looked at that lump of coal and said, "What is your name?"

The rock said nothing.

"What can you do for the state of Kentucky?"

Once again, nothing.

Then I looked at the person in the other chair and said, "What is your name?"

He said, "Johnny Middle Class Kentucky."

I asked, "What can you do for the state of Kentucky?"

He stood up and said, "I think I will conquer the world today," and walked out of the room. I have to tell you I was impressed. I have been among Kentuckians when the chips are down, and I saw greatness in the men and women of this state.

Then I felt hope from his words and took off to catch the tour bus home. When I looked to my left, there was that man carrying that lump of coal. All of a sudden he threw that rock into a ditch, from which it came.

Bradley S. Hayes


Faculty made Transy

Transylvania University has a long and praiseworthy history as one of Kentucky's most distinguished institutions of higher education.

Higher education is generated by the faculty, not the president, the business manager or the board of trustees. One only becomes a faculty member by working through a rigorous process of earning a doctorate and completing research in a chosen field.

The current board of trustees is headed by a successful businessman and seems to be made up of business people who badly mismanaged a difficult situation by rejecting a near-unanimous and well-substantiated vote of no confidence in the president, himself a businessman. The rejection was clearly intended to humiliate the faculty and to deny them any dignity in the management of the university which their excellence has made outstanding.

I can only hope alumni will come to the defense of its faculty.

Charles M. Murray


Immigrants hurt U.S.

A lot of people want to come to the United States to seek a better life. However, with the influx of millions of illegal immigrants, U.S. citizens have been feeling a great economic impact.

This is not the time to consider legalizing more than 11 million illegal immigrants, because we don't have enough jobs and opportunities for the citizens we have now. While pursuing citizenship, the families left behind will also be allowed to come. How many more millions will this add?

We've been assured by our leaders that the path to citizenship will take 13 years and that no new citizens will receive entitlements. Who's been stopping them from getting entitlements as illegals? No one.

There's been no incentive to learn English since we've already translated everything into Spanish. With the mind-set in Washington, it's difficult to fathom that we, the taxpayers, will not be funding these new arrivals. When jobs are not available, who will provide financial assistance, food assistance, health care, housing, education and all other necessities? Us.

It's a mystery how immigration reform will benefit the American people. Responsible people set limits on what they can afford and live within their means. It's time the government did the same.

We cannot solve the problems of the world. The Titanic lifeboats only had so much room. So do we.

Carole O'Brien White


Heavy-handed IRS

I retired at almost 70 years old. I drew Social Security. When I retired I had accumulated six months of sick leave, which I asked for in a lump sum. I received my check with federal and state taxes taken out. I filed income taxes every year.

After the third year of my retirement, I received a letter from the IRS saying that they were going to put me in prison and fine me for not turning in my sick leave and annual leave check as earned income.

I did not know that I was supposed to as all state and federal taxes were taken out.

The IRS fined me $10,000 and the state fined me $2,000. I paid these fines. The IRS and state were very rude to me. They treated me as if I did this intentionally. I'm not a criminal and I hope these people get what's coming to them.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear

Media coverage biased

Unbiased media, where art thou? The Trayvon Martin case is tragic, but why is he always a cute 12-year-old? He was a rather large 17-year-old and removed from high school. Is the media trying to convict George Zimmerman on public opinion?

On Edward Snowden, no one focuses on the fact that Big Brother is listening. 1984 does not seem so far-fetched. The United States is even listening in on the British but all we hear is that Snowden is bad.

Not quite as rotten as the government.

CJ Fernandez