Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: July 11

Double standard evident in Davis column on Deen

Merlene Davis started her June 27 column with, "I really hadn't planned on saying anything," about Paula Deen.

However, her next sentence shows her true colors, "I am not worried about a rich white woman calling black people ni**ers." (I won't spell it out like she did.)

Yes, Davis is worried. This is exactly why her column exists: to stir the tempest pot of racism in Central Kentucky.

What a double standard. She can use and print the "n-word" in her column, but non-blacks can't?

Why would she spell out the n-word early in the column but then substitute the more proper reference "n-word" four additional times later in the column?

Was it more shocking to spell it out? More controversial letters for the opinion page? Sells more papers?

We have come a long way in the past 60 years. When I was seven and played sandlot baseball, our volunteer coach of a bunch of little white kids used to pick the two teams using the "eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a N-word by the toe" routine.

Like Deen, if someone asked me if I ever used the n-word, I would also have to say "of course, hasn't everyone? But we don't today."

Keep the tempest pot steaming.

Loren E. Heaney


Violating their oaths

Politicians and justices who are sworn to serve place their hands upon a Bible and take oaths. In places, the Bible condemns homosexuality and says homosexuality is by choice.

Now we have politicians in 13 states and the District of Columbia and five U.S. Supreme Court justices who say it is all right for homosexuals to marry and that their unions are equivalent to marriage between a man and woman.

By their actions, aren't the politicians and justices insulting God?

Many of the Founding Fathers of this country were Judeo-Christians who took God seriously and instituted the practice of swearing in. An oath is a calling upon God to witness the truth of what one says. If politicians and justices do not believe in God and his word, are not their oaths lies?

Perhaps for them, placing a hand on a candy wrapper, a Playboy magazine or something else is just as meaningful.

It would have been better for the Supreme Court justices to have ruled against the legality of part of the tax system and certain federal benefits than to rule for homosexual marriages.

Al Brown


Whistleblowers OK

I would like to thank whistleblowers Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden for doing the job the media refuse to do.

There have been more than five whistleblowers who have told us for years that our government has been spying on all Americans and tapping phones and searching homes without a warrant, yet our weakened press does not report it.

The news media are too busy reporting fluff news about celebrities, sports heroes and flash-in-the-pan news items like the tanning-bed mom to report the hard news about government spying and the growth of the domestic surveillance industry.

We need whistleblowers to report the news because our media have now been merged with the entertainment industry.

President Dwight Eisenhower told us to beware the military-industrial complex. Since then it has grown to be the military/industrial/prison/policing and spying complex.

We now have for-profit prisons that use slave labor to make military gear and police equipment, while the police are arresting more and more people for nonviolent and victimless crimes to fill our prisons with slave labor. It is self-perpetuating.

The best way to put a stop to this idiocy is to simply cut funding. We need to cut funding for the military, police, prisons and the domestic spying industry. This will make them focus on real crime.

Far too much of our money flows to unnecessary wars overseas and unnecessary drug wars at home, while government power is expanding exponentially.

John Sabot


Playing, learning

After reading Merlene Davis' column, "The Games Children Play," I was very curious to learn how playing "can change a community."

When I arrived at the East 7th Street site late Friday afternoon, I saw more people than I could count. They were smiling, laughing and interacting in groups so I sat down on the grass in the shade and enjoyed watching their camaraderie.

I have a background in elementary education and I like the idea of introducing a Peace Education Program into the school system. Teaching youngsters peaceful ways to resolve conflict is a valuable life skill.

Playing together is a joyful way to learn. For more information, go to LexingtonCommunityBuilding.org.

Sunny Churchill


Man wars, madness

Men have been in power the vast majority of time since recorded history. Granted, there have been a few women who have adopted male behaviors and ruled, but I'm talking about women who have birthed and nurtured life.

We've had continuous man wars, atrocities and stupidity such as some Thai men who eat black dogs (as reported in the June 7 Herald-Leader) because they think it will help their libido.

The list of man madness has been perpetual for thousands of years. In prehistoric times it can be said our survival depended on man's physical strength, but now when you couple today's technology and testosterone with all the man-boys in power, there is nothing but trouble ahead unless women step up to the plate.

I know there are and have been millions of fine virtuous men but the time has come to relinquish the reins and let women rule.

Women: now is your time to be world, state, local and spiritual leaders. Grab it now while the winds are blowing your way.

Jay Rusty Crutcher


Pipe dreams

This president is "A Great Pretender." What else will he do to destroy Kentucky? He cares nothing for the middle class working people.

Wall Street, big banks and powerful unions are his go-to guys for money and votes. The burden, rules, regulations he has and continues to put on coal mines in Eastern Kentucky are incomprehensible.

Al Gore made millions on his global warming theory. Billions have been wasted on Obama's green energy give-aways, and he continues. Coal may be a contributor to global warming, but how much? Yes, we must have additional energy sources. Could there not be a phase-out program over several years? Why not the Keystone Pipeline?

The president is a socialist and I believe his agenda is to bring America to its knees. Where is Congress, standing up for the people and fighting back?

George Neal

Murfreesboro, Tenn.