Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: July 16

Criticism of Obama isn't based in reality

A June 27 letter, "Obama ruining U.S.," provided a handy road map of the alternate reality inhabited by the average Obama-hater.

It was the usual right-wing tripe — chock full of myths, exaggerations, blatant falsehoods and flawed logic — all pushing the nonsensical belief that we all now live under some kind of Stalinist tyranny that bears no resemblance to the life I live and the America that I see every day.

The writer bemoaned "high unemployment" while ignoring that it was lower in May of 2013 than in January of 2009.

President Barack Obama, he wrote, "retired" our Constitution. Naturally, no explanation was provided for that absurd notion. My free-speech rights, freedom of religion and freedom to purchase a gun, to note a few examples, have not been altered one iota in the past four years.

He scoffed at the idea that Obama is "tough on terror." Key al-Qaida leaders might agree — if they were still alive.

This was the punchline: "We've changed from a superpower to a super mess." Funny. I remember the last few months of the Bush administration, with the very real fears of a depression, as being a much bigger mess than anything we're seeing right now.

I hope the next missive from fantasy land includes some supporting evidence or actual examples of freedoms that existed on Jan. 20, 2009, that we no longer have today.

Alex Gibbs


Lost common man

Whatever happened to the common man? Where did he go? Wasn't he supposed to be the backbone of America? Now Americans assume they are experts on everything — especially religion. They claim God blesses America and they gamble with money stamped with the motto "In God We Trust." They also claim exceptionalism and superiority.

So much for the common man. There can be no such creature in a land of experts. How can there be a common man when everyone is special, exceptional and superior?

If we cannot be saints or royalty, we certainly can pretend to be experts — both exceptional and overblown. Who would dare to burst this bubble? Maybe we need to change the preamble to the Constitution from "we the people" to "we the exceptional."

Risto Marttinen


Needed H-1 designation

In January of this year, the Urban County Council voted 11-1 to approve the designation of a portion of the Ashland Park neighborhood as Lexington's 15th local historic district.

The council's approval followed more than two years of tireless efforts by many residents to secure the protections provided by the designation.

It also followed three public hearings which gave proponents and opponents of the overlay ample opportunity to voice their opinions.

One of the primary arguments of the opponents cited the voluntary maintenance of the residents without government intervention, which made the designation unnecessary.

There is some truth in that view. In fact, most of the property owners in Ashland Park have done the right thing. But there are exceptions.

Yellow vinyl siding and a metal roof have been installed on the house at the corner of Fontaine and East High (which also boasts three large "NO H-1" signs).

The owner of this property obtained a construction permit four days before the Urban City Council's approval of the H-1 overlay. Though it was legal, I don't think it was the right thing for the property and historic neighborhood.

What occurred at this property is the best argument that could be made in support of the H-1 ordinance.

John Rhorer

Chair, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Historic Preservation Commission


Disappointing ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court has spoken, and perversion has prevailed. For America, it's just another step down the road into the depths of degradation.

Everything that is right is wrong and everything that is wrong is right. It's hard to understand or accept the direction this country is headed.

The Democratic Party, once a respected and honored institution, has now made an alliance with every kooky and tyrannical organization in existence.

Why don't they hire 20,000 more people for the IRS to handle Obamacare so they can screw that up? Fifty-four million people are on food stamps. The only people who can eat good food are the rich and the ones on food stamps.

For Democrats, just borrow more money from China to buy more votes. Now House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi wants Hillary Clinton to run for president. Now there is an idiot wanting an incompetent to run. What's next?

Doyle Glass


Mining ruined water

I have a water contamination report from a test taken by the state in 2006. It has around 42 different chemicals in it. Some are over the safe limit. I live within 500 feet of CONSOL/Golden Oak/Kentucky Fuel or whatever they call themselves now to avoid paying fines.

I also live within a mile or so of a large CONSOL unreclaimed strip mining area. Our water was 99.99 percent pure in 1994, as we had it tested before the coal companies ever started their operations.

As of 2006 we could not shower in our water let alone drink it. The water would burn if you put a match to it in our kitchen and bathrooms.

All of our plumbing had to be replaced, and we had to go to the expense of getting city water, which we have learned recently had the same contaminants.

People need to know what they are drinking and what is destroying their health in this area.

David Duncan


Windmill dreams

It amazes and amuses me how much petroleum based-ink is wasted by lawyers and newspaper editors who wouldn't know an uphill from a downhill weld, but have become experts on pipelines and the hydrocarbon products that they safely deliver.

Let's start by stating that hydrocarbons will be delivered from their point of origin to the market. This includes the use of the Keystone pipeline.

No amount of partially operating windmills will replace the energy supplied by hydrocarbons, despite some $28 billion in taxpayer subsidies over the past 20 years. But the Chinese manufacturers sure love you for it.

Stephen Stinson


Unintelligent ad

The TV ad attempting to dismiss Sen. Mitch McConnell for being on a government salary is stupid. Our military personnel, mayors, schoolteachers, judges, sanitation workers, etc. are also all on government salaries.

Katherine Ratliff


Holy calling

I would like to thank the Herald-Leader for printing the wonderful full-page ad on July 4, "In God We Trust." We needed to read that as a reminder that everyone must trust God. We must pray for America.

Only God can help us. America is not the way it once was, the way I knew it years ago.

Gearldine Chasteen