Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: July 26

Theater marquee wrong on date of slave freedom

During the July 4 holiday season, the Lyric Theatre's marquee said something to the effect of "Blessed to be free for 237 years."

The theater is located in the "hood," where African-Americans live. African-Americans have not been free for 237 years. Slavery officially ended when the 13th amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1865 — 148 years ago.

If the Lyric was located where the Kentucky Theatre is on Main Street, I would have no problem with the 237 years number.

However to put 237 years on the Lyric, in its historic location is insensitive.

Many people are debating whether the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict is acceptable. The law has spoken. This same insensitivity and lack of attention to historic fact are what make Zimmerman's not-guilty verdict appear "correct" in some minds.

The Rev. Gregory Bonner

Pastor, Greater St. James C.M.E. Church


News on Lady Cats

I have a question for the Herald-Leader sports department: Why don't we have any info at all about our former Lady Cats in their pro league, either good or bad? Having no news is totally negative.

We have several in the professional ranks. We loved them in Memorial Colisuem. Have we forgotten them since then?

Herb Petit


Contemptible action

The cease-and-desist order against advice columnist John Rosemond because he doesn't have a Kentucky psychology license deserves contempt.

By the same logic, the Herald-Leader must also stop printing Dear Abby and must gag Merlene Davis any time she writes about black family dynamics.

Also, Joseph-Beth must stop selling books by national radio and TV host Steve Harvey.

If Lexington psychologist T. Kerby Neill doesn't like Rosemond's advice, let him write his own column and not hide behind phony legal claims when what he's really trying to do is force everyone else to only read what he likes.

Jack Brooks


Good break

That was an interesting article about Donald and Dudley Webb and their property development. I could probably have been very successful if I, too, had received a $100 million loan of which I only had to pay back less than $8 million.

Rosanne Coffman


Kudos to Rollins

I would like to take this opportunity to thank former Rep. Carl Rollins for all the support he gave to change legislation pertaining to the judiciary limits in small claims courts across Kentucky.

The Lexington Landlord Association and the Central Kentucky Landlord Association appreciate his attendance at our meetings and his emails, phone calls and letters.

This change has been a huge asset for all involved with filing small claims cases.

He did an excellent job and we will miss him in Frankfort. We wish Rollins the very best in his new position in state government.

Gwen Cooper Curry


Freedom from guns

Every day in America, 33 people are murdered with guns. Our sons, daughters, friends, neighbors, teachers and law enforcement officers are murdered with guns at a rate 20 times higher than in other developed countries.

Many of these deaths are preventable because they were perpetrated by dangerous people who never should have had guns in the first place.

Today, we declare our independence from a broken system of weak laws that perpetuate an epidemic of gun violence.

We call for legislation that will: Require criminal background checks for gun sales, get military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines off our streets and make gun trafficking a federal crime with serious penalties.

We support the Second Amendment and respect the rights of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. But support for the Second Amendment also means keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. As true patriots, we respect the Constitution while committing ourselves to promoting public safety and protecting Americans from unnecessary violence.

All Americans are entitled to live free from fear of gun violence, and we demand that our country's laws protect the safety and well-being of our communities.

In order to create a more perfect union, we must take steps to pass public safety measures that will reduce gun violence and save lives.

Tracey Goodlett

Lebanon Junction