Letters to the Editor

Aug. 2: Letters to the editors

Rational limits on gun sales, use would save lives

What should we do about a constitutional right that is being interpreted in a way that produces an unconstitutional result? The current high-profile situation is the practically unlimited availability of guns.

Most injuries and deaths by gunshot are caused by and happen to gun owners, members of their households or their relatives, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Criminals, who also have practically unlimited access to guns, cause fewer of the total gun injuries and deaths. The results of unlimited access to guns are not consistent with the goal in the preamble to our Constitution to "promote the general welfare."

Guns are designed for and can only be used to commit destructive acts. This does not seem to be recognized by opponents of more rational requirements for gun ownership and use. We have all kinds of laws and regulations to prevent injuries and deaths when people engage in activities with harmful potential. However, we have practically no such conditions for people who buy or have access to firearms. The result is that guns are misused to cause about 100,000 tragic injuries and deaths a year.

People who want to destroy something with a gun should have a background check, be trained, tested and licensed before being allowed to engage in their chosen legal destructive activity.

Stephen Senft


Moving vans to D.C.

Congress reportedly has barely a 10 percent approval rating. I'm not sure if this is its overall rating or just a rating for certain areas. Regardless, a 10 percent approval rating in any area for elected officials should be an embarrassment since they were elected to serve our country based on their campaign promises. Personally I have not met a single voter among this 10 percent. Must be those elected officials' family members. Once this number was made public, voters started screaming "term limits." Well, dumb brains, we have had term limits since free elections started. It is called the voting booth.

If only voters would rid themselves of their inability to be independent free thinkers instead of their generational mommy, daddy and grandparent mental handicap known as "party loyalty" we could make a difference. We could vote these incompetent idiots out of office.

We are now witnessing the most evil Washington administration in our nation's history. We are being led down a path of certain doom as this evil bunch promotes a godless path to a socialist form of government. We need to elect loyal patriotic leaders who will defend and not destroy our Constitution.

Voters, we need to provide some business for Washington D.C. moving companies as we rid our country of these incompetent politicians.

Dean Sturgill


Poor road map

Another upgrade to Commonwealth Stadium? How about an upgrade to the woefully inadequate roads that service the traffic around the stadium? I'll bet Commonwealth is the only 65,000-plus seat stadium in the country that is serviced by two-lane roads.

Alumni Drive should be five lanes wide from Nicholasville Road to Tates Creek Road; University Drive should be at least four lanes wide from Cooper to Alumni. Dantzler Drive should be closed at Nicholasville Road or at least the light should be taken down and Dantzler made a right turn only. And why in the world did the University of Kentucky spend probably $100,000-plus to put those stone walls up at the Tates Creek end of Alumni?

I realize this would have to be coordinated with the state, but surely a "world-class university" could figure this out. There is plenty of room for these changes to be made; the improved traffic flow, not only at games, but also for everyday traffic, would more than justify the expense.

The only thing worse in this city, traffic-wise, is the undersized and poorly designed "roundabout of death" connecting West Reynolds, Wellington Way and Keithshire. But don't get me started about that.

Jason Taylor