Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor/rodeo clown: Aug. 18

Some complained that the clown's antics also referenced racial stereotypes.
Some complained that the clown's antics also referenced racial stereotypes.

Progressives can't take a joke

Last week, a rodeo clown put on a Barack Obama mask and expressed his opinion of the president, and the loonies came gushing out of the woodwork to cry foul. I remember the George W. Bush masks, liberals' accusations that he was a liar and a murderer, and all sorts of other demeaning comments.

I am a registered Independent and I try to be understanding about others' sometimes overly fervent dedication to their beliefs, but I have recently become completely disgusted by the ultra-leftists' attempts to shut down the opposition.

American citizens, even the clowns among us, have the right to free speech, or at least we did before the Obama crowd decided that anyone who said anything the least bit derogatory about Obama would suffer dire consequences like job loss, investigation and even a lawsuit. Obama is president, not some imperial leader, and he is subject to criticism just like all the others who came before him.

Progressives are bullying, thin-skinned, narrow- minded, often foul-mouthed, humorless, and good at dishing it out but unable to take it. When it gets to the place where people are afraid to give an opinion about a president or anything or anyone else, this country is in trouble — serious trouble.

J.B. Terrell


Disrespect went too far

The Missouri state fair rodeo and clown show has conservatives and its pundits tied into knots looking for any sort of false equivalency on the progressive side of the aisle. Some pundits point to the fact that people took to the street to protest the Iraq war in Bush look-alike masks.

However, the rodeo and clown show at the Missouri state fair took the mocking of President Barack Obama too far.

No one mocked George Bush during his tenure because he was Caucasian.

Norman E. Goldie Jr.

Mount Sterling