Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Aug. 20

Gas pipeline a threat to Ky. water resources

As a landowner and concerned citizen, I have attended fiscal court sessions in Scott, Franklin and Woodford Counties as well as informational meetings on the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline.

The potential for catastrophe and damage to our state is staggering: explosions could endanger public health and toxic leaks could contaminate the soil where crops grow, cattle and horses graze and children play.

If nothing else, we should be worried about our water. The natural gas liquids pipeline would cross the Kentucky River near intakes where Frankfort, Lexington and other cities get their water.

In the event of a leak, thousands of gallons of toxic liquid gases would spew into the river before shut-off valves could be engaged — provided the leak is detected in the first place. Once gas liquids escape they can't be recaptured, and our water is contaminated forever.

The Ohio and Kentucky Rivers are not the only water sources that could be affected. A spill anywhere in limestone country could seep through the porous rock into underground aquifers and travel to rivers, streams and wells miles away.

A pipeline with its inevitable leaks and other damage could cripple Kentucky's horse, bourbon, tourism and agriculture industries.

Are we going to roll over and let the Williams and Boardwalk companies have their way with our land and water? Time is of the essence. Williams plans to break ground in early 2014.

Alexander Hume


No vote, no whining

If you go to church, you know it doesn't count unless you vote. If you didn't vote, you have no say in the political discussion. Please do us all a favor and stop complaining.

Andrew Shuman


Color coordination

With football season approaching and with basketball soon to follow, I'd like to express a few opinions to Wildcat fans.

When you attend a game at Commonwealth Stadium or Rupp Arena, please wear Wildcat blue. There seems to be an opinion among many fans that, as long as Kentucky appears on a shirt, sweater or jacket, color doesn't matter.

It is true that there is always a lot of blue in the stands but it pales in comparison to the orange I see in Knoxville or the red in Tuscaloosa and Fayetteville. Black is not one of our colors. Neither are gray, tan, yellow, green or the one I dislike most: pink. The stands should be overflowing with Wildcat blue.

I, along with thousands of fans, will also be extremely disappointed if a renovated arena does not retain the name Rupp. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Adolph Rupp. He deserves to be honored that way.

Dick Ham


Troubled agenda

President Barack Obama said that he had three main objectives. The first was gun violence. The second was health care. And the third was education.

About a month ago, last year's statistics for New York City shootings were released. Ninety percent of all shootings were done by black people. Three percent were done by whites and the rest were done by Hispanics, Asians and others.

It seems that the president could stop 90 percent of gun violence in New York by a presidential decree that would ban possession of firearms by all black people in the city.

Ted Woodley


Unwelcome reform

The Democratic Party should be known as the party of the corrupt if 11 million illegal immigrants are provided a pathway to citizenship, and the Republican Party should be known as the party of the dumb if they do not stop it.

Both parties should show moral character and leadership and send illegal residents back to their homelands.

Immigration has become a corrupt process. The immigrating Tsarnaev family received more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance as refugees.

The welfare party — the Democrats — are trying to use taxpayer money to buy votes. The Republicans are likely losing elections because they have allowed the process to continue for years.

This country does not need more people. It needs fewer people as shown by the many who seek a good drink from a bottle; all immigration should be terminated.

Al Brown


Water self-sufficiency

Resentment of increased cost of the water company is wasted effort. No law requires service of a water company to bring water to the pipes of consumers.

Water is free. Anyone may gather water as it falls from the sky, or can fill his bucket from the Kentucky River, pond, lake or swamp. Then it will not be necessary to deride the costs of a water company's service.

Rex J. Phillips


Indefensible claim

When George Zimmerman took the first two steps towards Trayvon Martin, that was when his self-defense rights stopped and the belligerence began.

Then the vigilante behavior began and went unpunished.

Self-defense is when you take two steps back and fire a warning shot to stop aggressive pursuit.

Duke Martin


Road to equality

A letter writer told me why he had become involved in America's movement towards greater equality and it made me think about why that became important in my life.

I grew up in Baltimore County, which surrounds the city of the same name.

The awareness turning point for me occurred when, as a young naval officer on a destroyer in World War II, I found that colored soldiers (as they were referred to at the time) could do nothing but make beds and serve meals.

They couldn't be gunners, firemen, radiomen or anything else. And we were supposed to be fighting for democracy. It just wasn't fair.

Ever since then, I've found ways to further equal treatment in my society and in the larger world — not just regarding race but also regarding religion, gender and sexual orientation.

Having a German wife, a gay child and diverse students helped to keep this goal constantly in focus.

It was those nighttime conversations with African-American sailors that gave me the focus to look for ways to further equal treatment in every aspect of life.

Gordon Liddle


Special session issues

I call on our esteemed governor to make the following additions to the agenda for the current special session.

■ Add a runoff component for all statewide electoral offices.

■ Add "none of the above" as a candidate for each and every office.

■ Allow cross-primary voting

■ Allow registered independents to vote in the primary of their choice.

These changes would go a long way toward improving our dismal voter turnout.

Charles A. Bowsher