Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Sept. 25

'Voter suppression' just liberal phrase for honest voting

Hoorah for vote suppression, I'm all for it. I'd like to suppress all the votes cast by those who aren't U.S. citizens. Ditto the votes of those fraudulently voting on behalf of the dearly departed.

And what honest person wouldn't want to suppress the third or fourth ballot of a serial voter illegally voting in multiple precincts?

The Herald-Leader's assertion that voter I.D. laws are attempts to abridge the rights of any group of voters is beyond absurd.

I've yet to see anyone make anything close to a plausible argument as to how requiring identification discriminates against any race, creed or color.

And typical leftist denials of vote fraud being a problem don't register in places such as my home of Breathitt County where minorities are scarce, but fraud convictions are plentiful.

No, criticism of laws designed to ensure the integrity of the vote are just further examples of the "progressive" bias of this paper and its support of politicians whose ideology has a big stake in keeping fraudulent ballots plentiful.

I can't see the benefit in having drug-addled vagrants lured out from under a bridge with a pack of smokes and a bologna sandwich registered in multiple precincts and voting.

Mike Rose


Poor site for clinic

I am upset about the ongoing push for HealthFirst to locate its clinic just upstream from me.

I live in a flood zone about one-half mile below the chosen location of Southland Drive. I have lived in this neighborhood for more than 15 years.

I am ashamed to have to say I have experienced at least six municipal sewage inflows into my home in that period.

I was baffled that HealthFirst claimed they were told by the city's Division of Water Quality that there was plenty of capacity in the area for their development.

At the one contentious community meeting I went to they weren't really clear on just how many patients they were expecting. Then from a news article I learn that they are expecting at least 30,000 patients per year at this facility. That's a lot of flushes.

Since I have been unable to use my downstairs bathroom for the last five or six years I have to wonder, where is this extra capacity. In my downstairs?

This Southland Drive location has a lot less bus service than at Broadway and Rosemont/Lane Allen where extensive property and buildings are ready to be used. Maybe the Harrodsburg Road sites are too close to the CVS and Walgreens so HealthFirst's own pharmacy would have to much competition?

Charles A. Bowsher


Send everybody back

I fully agree with a recent letter writer's view on immigration reform and his opinion that all immigrants should be deported back to their homelands.

But he didn't give us any indication how far back he wants to go. Three generations or maybe five? Oops, wouldn't that alter his family history, too?

Manfred Schmitz


Rename the paper

I am old enough to remember when there was a morning paper, overtly Democratic and an evening paper, overtly Republican.

When the papers merged, the management promised to maintain a balanced position.

That obviously changed years ago, and the paper's position now is even more stridently one sided, not only in op-ed pieces, but in so-called news reports (not to even mention cartoonist Joel Pett.)

I suggest you be honest and rename your paper "The Lexington Democrat" or the "Lexington Socialist" or maybe even the "Lexington Ditch Mitch News."

Of course, in line with one reader's recent letter about your emphasis on reporting on the growth of the bourbon, wine and beer industries, you could even rename it the "Lexington Kentucky Bourbon News."

Seriously though, since I consider myself to be an independent voter, it would be nice if you rename it the "Lexington Independent" and act accordingly in your editorial opinions and news reporting.

Kelvin Keath

Mount Sterling

McConnell hypocritical

Typical Republican hypocrites like Sen. Mitch McConnell have again proven the need for term limits. McConnell is now opposed to air strikes against a country that is using weapons of mass destruction because a Democrat is president.

When George W. Bush wanted to go to war over imaginary WMDs, McConnell was all in favor. What's the difference? He is simply opposed because President Barack Obama is for it.

McConnell and the Republicans have a policy of "opposite day." Whatever Obama wants, McConnell is against — no matter what it is.

For years, the Republicans campaigned on term limits. When they got into power they, of course, never mentioned the words again.

That is because Republicans are hypocrites. The Republicans have been trying to hurt our economy and our country since Obama won his first election.

In the upcoming election I ask all of the educated and intelligent voters to enact term limits for McConnell.

Bill Hurt


Road costly, not needed

I found it interesting that Nancy Stone and Jessamine County Judge-Executive Neal Cassity's recent commentary about the proposed U.S. 27/Interstate 75 connector road failed to mention the projected cost of this project: $440 million.

How many pet projects such as this end up costing far more than early-stage estimates? Massive cost overruns seem to be the norm.

Stone and Cassity failed to make a persuasive argument for this project — they barely made a case at all.

For example they noted that 43,500 cars pass by Brannon Crossing on U.S. 27 each day. That's just a piece of raw data out of any context. How many of these cars are going to or coming from I-75?

The proponents of this project have failed to go beyond saying that it's a good idea because ... well, it's a good idea because it's just a good idea.

We already have infrastructure crying out for repair and maintenance, and building a road of dubious benefit (and far too financially and environmentally costly) is just not a smart thing to do.

Peter Keam


Kindness of strangers

Friday the 13th has always been a good-luck day for me, as I was born on a Friday the 13th. On the most recent one, however, I was involved in a car accident at the corner of Tates Creek and Redding roads at about 2 p.m.

I stopped for a red light, and a young man behind me in a truck did not, and rear-ended my car. While waiting for the police, several people stopped to ask if I was all right, which is really appreciated.

I thank them for stopping; it strengthens my belief in the goodness of mankind.

Marilyn Sagan