Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Sept. 27

U.S. acting like terrorists to Syria, other nations

The president says the threat of bombing Syria is not time-sensitive. In other words, he says we can attack whenever he chooses — next week, next month, any time he wants.

This is the perfect definition of terrorism, to keep a whole country on edge for a superpower to bomb at will. It is a shooting-gallery mentality like "shock and awe" in the Gulf War when we threatened Baghdad for months before the actual bombing.

We have trashed Iraq and Libya, ruthlessly attacked Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and occupied Afghanistan. What moral authority does the U.S. have left but to attack over chemical weapons that some reports say the rebels have also used.

All of this is aided by a spineless Congress without the courage to enforce the constitutional mandate to declare war, but that wants in on the action by being consulted.

Richard Krause


Get rid of McConnell

Sen. Mitch McConnell should not be re-elected in 2014. Ever since 2008, the senator has been like a brick wall, standing in front of every piece of legislation that he doesn't agree with.

I believe the senator said it best himself in 2010 when he said his No.1 goal was to make Barack Obama a one-term president.

For a state that gets back $1.70 for every $1 it sends to Washington, this is simply unacceptable.

The senator needs to focus on the people in Kentucky and how he can use his power in Congress to improve the lives of his constituents, instead of stagnating them.

Since his election, McConnell has ceased to care about the little people in the state.

In November, 2014, I urge all Kentuckians to send a message loud and clear to Washington: We will not stand for putting corporations before people.

Gregory King


Root out fraud

When House removed food- stamp funding from the recent farm bill, it created an opportunity to reform this program to reduce cost while still protecting those this program was designed to protect.

As this is now being debated, I am dismayed at the positions being staked out by the left and right. This requires more than simply debating cuts versus maintaining funding as is.

Why is no one advocating enforcement of the SNAP eligibility requirements in order to save costs by rooting out fraud while maintaining service to those truly eligible?

My daughter is a single parent trying to work (minimum wage) to support her son while attending college. Day care for her son consumes most of her paycheck.

Yet she was recently told that Kentucky was no longer accepting applications for extended SNAP benefits (beyond basic food support) because they were out of money.

She is following the rules, but she knows of several others who have gamed the system for years with no intention to work their way off this support.

New limits and eligibility enforcement may be the only path to a bipartisan agreement in Congress, and the only way that young adults like my daughter are able to improve their lives instead of falling into dependency for life, not being able to afford day care so they can work or attend college.

Karl Pfeifer


Unrealistic timetable

Interesting, Syria President Bashar Assad has until the middle of 2014 to completely rid his country of its chemical weapons storage. Yet, the Blue Grass Army Depot will not have completed its disposal of weapons, stored there since 1933, until 2017 at the earliest — more likely 2020. Really?

Marjorie Fey Farris


Cable concerns

I read the recent letter about Time Warner Cable deficiencies and was amazed that more letters didn't follow, so I will add my opinion.

It would be easier to describe what hasn't gone wrong than what has gone wrong since TWC moved in to replace Insight.

My wife and I have called many times and my computer repairman and I have become very close. He says if he had $1 for each call he has received about TWC's deficiencies, he could retire.

I would ask everyone who has had problems to write to let TWC know that its deficiencies are not being overlooked.

I have set a deadline in my mind to look elsewhere if things don't improve. While I am an older fellow, I depend on my computer a lot but probably not as much as younger folks. I also encourage people who have had a good experience with TWC to write.

Bill Underwood