Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Oct. 5

'No' to center for homeless on Westside

Why don't our children on Lexington's Westside, or, as some want to say, the Northside, mean anything?

We raise high school graduates, college students, working-class citizens, just like the rest of Lexington. But no one wants to put the Hope Center, prisons or halfway houses on their end of town, just on our's.

Now the Catholic Action Center wants to put a center for pedophiles, murderers, rapists, the insane all in my neighborhood. These are people the Hope Center won't take.

Where in your Bible does it say to put women and children in danger? What Bible are you reading? Please, let me know, so I can read it for myself?

I am sure some would say these people need help too. Well, if they want help, there are places set up for them. They don't want help; they want little boys and girls they can have sex with.

These people are not required to seek help of any kind; they only care about who they can attack. Join me and say, "hell, no."

Donna Wortham


Nothing to fear

I overheard an elderly person say, "I'm scared to death of this Obamacare." Shame on the liars who spread such fear.

The Affordable Care Act is a conservative plan, practically the same as Republican Mitt Romney instituted in Massachusetts. Requiring everyone to have health insurance was a Republican idea when health care was discussed during the Clinton years. (Republican Teddy Roosevelt called for this sort of reform.)

As the only developed nation not guaranteeing health care to all citizens, we should look at other countries. Most have single-payer plans: the government is the insurer but has no say in the health care itself. The ACA will save less money than single-payer but is a small start.

Since the government will have no say in our actual health care, and since the ACA does not fund abortions, what about it is objectionable? It is deficit-neutral. Malpractice suits will be subject to reform. No one can be denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Children can stay longer on their parents' plans. You can purchase health insurance across state lines.

It is not too long to read (same word-count as the Harry Potter books). There's no need to hire a large new staff of IRS agents. No jobs are threatened. Small businesses can qualify for exemptions and tax credits. People here illegally will not be covered. Medicare is not threatened. Parts of the act are already in place and working well.

Politicians and others do a grave disservice by lying about the act.

Dorothy Carter


Impractical mandate

A recent letter defending the Affordable Care Act and headlined "What's not to like?" gave me a lot to think about. It reminded me of the theory of communism. It's a beautiful theory, it just doesn't work. There's nothing like enthusiastic ignorance.

After the government decides you are not eligible for Medicaid and you have "wasted" your money on food, shelter and things like sending your children to school, which will you stop to pay for the government-mandated insurance?

Allie Gammon


Ocean's losing

The Sept. 28 letter, "Climate hogwash," certainly got my attention. The writer failed to document his data; yes, please reference the "hypothetical article" referred to.

It also appeared he lacked even a rudimentary chemistry education. His "buffer system" comment was completely wrong in the context of ocean acidification.

It's the reefs, shellfish (clams, oysters) and crustaceans (shrimp, crabs and lobsters) that are buffering the change in pH by sacrificing their calcium carbonate exoskeletons, not the "weak acids" he mentioned.

These organisms are the "Tums" (ironically calcium carbonate) of the sea for the acid reflux we are creating with our fossil fuels.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the seas of Earth have decreased in pH by 0.1 since the Industrial Revolution began. That 0.1 pH drop in alkalinity is a 100 percent increase in oceanic acidity.

Can you imagine the quantity of carbon dioxide it takes to actually lower the pH of the oceans despite all that calcium carbonate to buffer it? For any change to show up means the oceans are losing the battle.

Here's a link on pH the writer might check out from the International Plant Nutrition Institute: http://nanc.ipni.net/articles/NANC0022-EN. It has a chart that explains pH very well.

The one thing the writer was correct about was when he said "most anything can be made toxic if you up the concentration and dose." That would include carbon dioxide.

George Weems


Immigrants work

Why are people so down on Mexicans? The ones I have met are hard workers and smart. Our government could teach them a little about birth control.

Jim Steed


Focus on all life

In a Sept. 10 article, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke eloquently about defending young children from gun violence: "We cannot allow children in the city of Chicago, and we will not allow the children in the city of Chicago, to have their youthfulness, their optimism, their hope taken from them."

He is right to speak in defense of young peoples' lives.

I wish he and other public officials would also raise their voices in defense of the thousands of unborn children who daily have "their youthfulness, their optimism, their hope" taken from them in violence.

Paul David Nelson