Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Oct. 11

Andy Barr holds Washington to rational standards

The Democratic side says the government shutdown is the fault of the GOP for refusing to support the Affordable Care Act. I, for one, am tired of hearing our president castigate the GOP by continuing to use the term "hostage taking." It is time for this rhetoric to cease.

Congressman Andy Barr has demonstrated he is willing to listen and work on behalf of his constituents in the 6th District.

He is vocal in his belief that everyone be held to the law as written and that President Barack Obama, Congress and the politically influential should not be exempt from the very law that our president claims to support.

Barr is standing up for those who have lost jobs because of excessive regulations imposed by the Obama administration upon the coal industry.

The closing of mines has had an economically deficient domino effect across Kentucky. Barr recognized this during his campaign and continues to work to ease or repeal these regulations.

Kentucky has one of the worst health records in the country. Barr understands that the health care law is not the total answer.

A temporary delay in the individual mandate has been passed by the House, similar to what Obama has provided some businesses. The Senate refuses to negotiate a compromise.

I support the efforts of Barr to hold D.C. politicians to the same standards as those imposed on us.

Barbara Ellerbrook


Paul not compassionate

Sen. Rand Paul's comments that we should put up with a few inconveniences of government shutdown shows his lack of compassion and humanity in his pursuit of ideology.

The National Institutes of Health is no longer accepting new patients for cancer care protocols due to the shutdown. Neither is the Food and Drug Administration doing critical food inspections, the Centers for Disease Control doing flu monitoring or funding vaccination programs.

People can die and will die from this shutdown. I doubt any of these "minor inconveniences" will make the news. Please write your senators and congressmen to do the right thing. Fund the government, then work on repeals, problems, etc.

Paul is a doctor, for goodness sake. First, he should do no harm.

Daniel L. French, M.D.


'Obamacare' a slur

Republicans dubbed the Affordable Care Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by the president as "Obamacare" very early.

A majority of Americans likely do not know the correct name of the health care law. No wonder the Republicans reject it because of the association with a president they reject — exactly the intent of the creator of that name.

The media have done us no favors either in perpetuating the slur.

Now look at what political name-calling has done to our country. Furloughs, federal spending for each state cut. Military equipment cuts, special-education grants cut, food programs cut, national lunch programs cut, breakfast programs for children cut, children's health programs cut, and now a real possibility that the United States will default on its obligations because of a few madmen in Congress.

That can't be good for our country. I call that irresponsible political wrangling to get power and stay in power — no matter what.

Most of my Republican friends have not felt the effect of sequestration. What happens when they do? When their college student doesn't get that grant they were counting on, or they don't get that tax refund they count on for the summer vacation?

I just do not understand why a self-proclaimed Christian nation — with all of the churches and pulpits and hymns being sung on Sunday morning about love, helping neighbors and the "we gotta do what's right" mantra — would then object to its countrymen having affordable health care.

Mark English


Shut down Congress

This is not a real government shutdown.

Congress members and their staffs still get full pay and benefits.

Congress still has their underground zip cars to get them to cafeterias.

Congress still has maintenance and janitorial service, police security and escorts. It still has water and electricity.

All these people who hold these congress support jobs are now being paid with IOUs.

The solution: people power. Let's have a real government shutdown. Let's have all these people who maintain Congress come together, hold a press conference and state: "No pay, no services."

Congress should reimburse all who have been affected with double time for lost wages. I urge anyone who agrees with me to cut out these comments and send them to other papers across this nation. Let's support those whon Congress abuses and takes advantage of.

James F. Rodgers


Health care a good idea

I am completely disgusted with Rep. Andy Barr's and Sen. Mitch McConnell's response to the current government shutdown.

The Affordable Care Act was passed by a majority vote both in the House and Senate and sanctioned by the Supreme Court, which by last count has a conservative majority.

Many parts of this legislation have been needed for a long time, some need tweaking and some need to be done away with completely.

To accomplish this, we need our elected officials to end the political posturing and engage in civil debate instead of behaving like children squabbling in a sandbox.

Sadly, I'm afraid "that ship's done sailed."

Nancy Turner


Detroit, Ky.?

As a non-native Kentuckian, I was stunned to hear Gov. Steve Beshear boasting that Kentucky has over 600,000 residents who are eligible for Medicaid or subsidies under the new health care law.

Instead of governing to create jobs to secure their self reliance, he instead chose to enslave the "Kentucky Proud" to a life of poverty relying on pitifully run government aid programs.

Is it any wonder that experts from the nationally recognized business magazine, Barron's Financial, rated Kentucky as the worst managed state in the nation for 2012?

Citizens of Kentucky, open your eyes before the entire state goes the way of Detroit.

Kathy Smith


Failing nation

Why do we have to be threatened by our own government? We voted for them to work for us and not the people having to work for them. Flags should be at half mast. They have killed our nation.

My thoughts are best described as previously stated by the Founding Fathers: "When in the course of human events It becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the political ties that bind them taking back that which was given freely and to dissolve such said government and create a new. "

The current American government has once again failed in part due to political division. What has happened to the mind-set of people of this falling nation?

The detriment to American success is its current political systems. It is clearly a failing imperial power, its vast size having made it unsustainable and necrotic.

Rome is falling.

Lisa J. Johnson