Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 2

Seeing pink is fine, but keep abreast of cancer prevention options

Once again the Herald-Leader turned pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month but left out any mention of prevention. The American Institute for Cancer Prevention estimates that 38 percent of all breast cancer cases in the U.S. could be prevented with simple changes to what we eat and how much we move.

We need to think of breast cancer as a diet-related disease much like we think of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Prevention starts in childhood and teaching kids healthy habits is their best defense. That includes not using food as a reward and teaching them to love food that loves them back (fruits and vegetables). It's also important to limit added sugar to remain within the daily limits recommended by the American Heart Association.

Women should consume no more than six teaspoons a day, men should consume no more than nine, and most young children no more than three.

According to new research, blocking dietary sugar and its activity in tumor cells may reduce cancer risk and progression. Physical activity also has proven benefits. Women who walk for seven hours a week had a 14 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Those who exercised vigorously had up to 25 percent lower risk.

Instead of just focusing on awareness let's shift our efforts to prevention. The next time the Herald-Leader breaks out the pink ink, we would be better served if it included an article about breast cancer prevention as well.

Casey Hinds


Body art critic

The Oct. 2 letter on tattoos and piercings got my attention. The writer asked why people judge a book by its cover. We all make judgments on first impressions. Would you enter a restaurant for a meal and wonder if the food being served to you would taste good or make you sick if the exterior looked dirty, unmaintained and made you uncomfortable? Would you buy a car that was defaced with graffiti, rusted, banged up and not clean, hoping that the engine, transmission and brakes were in top condition?

If you decorate yourself with piercings and tattoos for shock value, I am not interested in you shocking my customers. If you decorate yourself because you are against what is considered normal, I am not interested because you won't be willing to follow guidelines to interact with customers.

More importantly though is the permanent mutilation of your body. These piercings and engravings, the dying of your skin invites infection and makes you more susceptible to disease.

Life is hard enough without self-inflicted damage, so if you don't respect yourself how can you respect anyone else? I wear a coat and tie every day because the people and customers I meet need to know immediately that I have respect for them and that I care about myself.

The writer should get a copy of Dress for Success. It is inexpensive and worth more than 1,000 times what you pay for it.

Robert Riggs


Part(l)y of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's plea that "government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from the Earth" has inspired generations. We know Lincoln spoke from the heart. His words are authentic. It's clear that he wanted his political party to be the party of the people.

My how times have changed. As we saw last summer, there were few Republicans in evidence during the March on Washington commemoration and none appeared on the podium. Their absence was really no surprise. It was just another reminder that the GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln.

Some date that change to President Nixon's "Southern Strategy" in the late '60s and '70s. That leaves out a lot of history, though. It seems more likely the GOP left Lincoln's legacy behind as far back as 1867 with the construction of the transcontinental railroad.

That massive public works project brought the GOP into the mega-corporate culture we know today. There was an abundance of cheap labor, large-scale land speculation, widespread price gouging and excessive profit taking. Government paid the bills and kept out of the way.

So, the GOP moved up in the world from rail-splitter to railroad monopolies.

Tom Louderback


Station reincarnation

If I believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as a TV anchorperson. They must surely have more fun than most of us because they become so distraught at the mere mention of bad weather by the weatherman. Their eyes roll, their tongues click, and they become visibly aggravated at the weatherman for being the bearer of bad news.

I can only imagine that this is because they have wonderful, fun-filled plans which must now be cancelled because of the weather. Most of us probably have such mediocre plans for our leisure time that we continue on without regard to a little inclement weather. If I believed in reincarnation, I would not want to come back as a TV weatherman.

Jimmy D. Helton


SNAP judgement

Approximately 325 caring, concerned Central Kentucky citizens walked in solidarity at the Greater Lexington Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty Hunger Walk on Sept. 29, for all our sisters and brothers, not only in Kentucky, but around the world struggling with the moral issues of hunger and poverty.

Aware that many of our inside-the-Beltway leaders appear not to truly understand the outcome of their decision to drastically cut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance benefits, our mission to advocate compassion and increase awareness of the impact on the most vulnerable if these cuts become law was visible to our community. Thanks to Woodland Christian Church, Oxford Christian (Georgetown), Unitarian Universalist Church, First Christian Church, (Winchester), Second Presbyterian Church and God's Pantry Food Bank for their informative educational stations. We welcomed COSTCO representatives as they joined our walk and supplied our drinking water.

Abundant thanks to all the participants and many volunteers who contributed to our most successful CROP Hunger Walk yet. It's not too late to make a difference. Be a SPIRIT Walker at www.cropwalkonline.org. Thank you.

Judy Maxson

Walk coordinator


Random advice

I have some advice for Rand Paul concerning his visits to Louisville's west end. I was born and raised in the west end and lived there the first 33 years of my life. Many west Louisvillians are gainfully employed middleclass people who believe in getting a good education, going to church every Sunday, and paying their taxes.

It doesn't matter what someone's opinion is about something, as long as you treat people respectfully, you will be respected. Rand Paul thinks that he has a chance at winning over west Louisville voters.

West Louisvillians read the paper and watch the news. We remember when Rand Paul said private business owners shouldn't have to abide by civil rights laws, even if they are discriminatory. He realized he didn't have enough people on his side who shared his opinion, so he recanted. After months of obstructing progress and outright lying, he hired the controversial racist shock jock Jack Hunter. That really made him look bad. A fourth visit to the west end will not help him win votes

West Louisvillians can see right through Rand Paul. We know why he's trying to court us, but it's too late. He has said the wrong things and done the wrong things way too many times for anybody to trust him.

He can sit on those 19th-century historic front porch swings, drink sweet tea and eat cake until he bursts. He can forget about getting them to vote for him.

Yolanda Averrette