Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 10

How about pedestrian-friendly shopping carts?

Instead of figuring out how to get more cars into a small lot by adding parking on the roof, why doesn't Kroger figure out how to serve more pedestrian customers who don't require parking?

There is a dense population near the Euclid Kroger. I was vacationing in France this year with three friends and stayed in an apartment in Paris with no car. We walked to a grocery and department store two blocks away. The owners of the apartment left us a cart with large rubber wheels.

The grocery was on two floors, with escalators and elevators, with home goods products on two others. It was no problem taking the cart on the escalators and elevators and back to the apartment. The cart could hold at least $100 of groceries.

Truthfully, it was refreshing to be a pedestrian in France with no car, no cell phone and no computer for a couple of weeks. Walking to the bakery for fresh bread daily was a morning pleasure.

So, instead of Euclid Kroger spending money on parking spaces, why don't they give a two-wheeled cart to willing pedestrians living within a half-mile radius, and also have the carts available for sale in the store? They could test-market the carts at the existing store to see if customers would use them.

Use the money saved to widen the sidewalks.

Kathy Taylor Brinegar



A letter writer blamed President Barack Obama for making America a welfare state. I would like to point out that President George W. Bush left a collapsing economy and that is why more people are on welfare. After 30 years of trickle-down eco-nomics the gap between the rich and poor is bigger than ever. In the 1960s a CEO made 100 times what the average worker made. Today that number is 1,000 times.

Republicans have refused to raise the minimum wage and people who work 40 hours a week qualify for government benefits. So our welfare system subsidizes low wages. A livable minimum wage would mean people would no longer qualify for welfare. Obama tried to raise it, but Republicans blocked it.

Tax cuts for the rich over the last 40 years have also increased the wealth gap. With the rich paying fewer taxes the Republicans cut food stamps and aid to the poor to pay for the military and their wars.

Republicans caused the entire collapse of our economy in 2008 and they have the nerve to complain about people on welfare? The last three Republican presidential terms have given us three recessions. Under presidents Bill Clinton and Obama the economy has grown and the stock market has doubled.

Bill Hurt


Hang up and serve

I can't speak for others, but I find it annoying when I patronize businesses and employees are talking on the phone and don't stop. Unless the phone call is an emergency, I believe they should at least put the phone down or let the people they are talking to know that they will call them back. After all, I'm spending my money and paying their salaries and that's a small price to pay while waiting on me.

Glenn A. Powell


Comparison shocking

I found a recent letter from an attorney shocking and appalling. She attempted to compare the death of Officer Bryan Durman in a reckless, senseless act to the recent death of a 12-year-old girl in a tragic accident. The driver in the Durman case was convicted and sentenced to prison after due process. The letter writer has acted as judge and jury to determine that the driver who struck this young girl is guilty of a homicide charge with no legal process by the courts - just her own opinion. As an attorney she should certainly know better.

Carol D. Boscheinen


Party crasher

Our politics has become a money-driven pastime of professional public servants pursuing profitable, high-profile careers at your expense.

When you mark your ballot or pull the lever, will you be aware that your vote is for your choice of a pre-packaged political product? Are you choosing the candidate who will faithfully consider your best interests when they vote in the legislature? Or are you simply providing Party A or Party B with another waterboy promoting their platforms? People don't rise to positions of power within their party because of their popularity among "the people."

You have more access to your fellow citizens today via social networking than before. It will probably take you and 20 million other concerned citizens speaking on the people's behalf to free us from the suffocating control of the political parties.

Consider just a few issues: tax reform, public financing of campaigns, individual gun rights, universal health care and term limits for all high-profile public offices.

Any candidate who cannot give you a clear statement on these issues doesn't deserve your vote.

Bob Heidel


Obama cares not

In the last year, President Barack Obama has told lots of mistruths and lies that the public needs an answer to. His Obamacare mistruths cause the people pain, hurt and money. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi got it right for once. We had to pass Obamacare to find out what's in it. We found out. Some leaders in Congress wanted a one-year delay. Just think how many billions of dollars that would have saved.

David Willhoit


Stand with Israel

I am writing concerning the recent disastrous agreement between the United States and Iran.

The United States had better stand with Israel. But I know that our elected politicians have rejected the laws of God and have brought a reproach on our nation.

If we want to be blessed then we need to be on Israel's side. God gave the land to Israel. It belongs to them and Israel has the right to defend themselves. Not only that, but there is a God in Heaven that watches over Israel. This also needs to be spoken, for Israel will still be a nation long after Iran is buried in the sand.

Donald Wallen


Second-(pi)rate piece

Where is it written that if I decide to have a fish dinner, then Somali pirates can murder and rob passing ships? This is apparently what guest columnist Mike Rivage-Seul recently suggested. Maybe it is time for Berea College to start teaching ethics and logic and remove the peace-and-love professors.

Stephen Stinson


Unhappy endings

As a retiree of the University of Kentucky, having watched year after year the miracle shot of Christian Laettner played over and over and rammed down our throats, I feel Alabama's pain.

Paul Jaquith

Gold Canyon, Ariz,