Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Dec. 19

'Let them die' seems to be GOP's only health policy

Several years ago I met an individual who had a medical condition that prevented him from obtaining insurance. He was personable, interesting, fun to associate with. He never complained about his circumstance.

He had exhausted all his resources paying for treatment. He was treated in emergency rooms when his condition became so severe it was life threatening, then released until again taken to the emergency room. His prayer was that he live to 65 to qualify for Medicare. He did not make it.

His death came during the time of the 2012 Republican presidential debates. I listened to them religiously, not so much to be enlightened but because of their Monty Python similarities. Two events stuck out. First, Gov. Rick Perry forgetting which department he was going to whack, and second, a shouted answer from the audience.

The question concerned sick people who could not get health insurance. The answer was "let them die."

The audience applauded. Similar questions were asked of the aspirants and, although their answers were more eloquent, the bottom line was let them die.

Since their loss, the Republicans have stuck to "let them die" as evidenced by their failure to propose any substantive policy to improve the health care system and their repeated insane attempts to repeal Obamacare, the only solution on the table. They talk of Obamacare death panels when the Republican Party is its own death panel.

We have but two choices; "let them die" or make Obamacare work. What kind of nation are we?

R. Don Goble


Taming the dog

In his recent column on health care reform, Richard W. Bridges likens President Barack Obama to a man who chose to tame a vicious dog rather than kill it. Consider the metaphor.

Our health care system was and will remain rife with cruelties, mostly related to costs. That health care inflation has been caused by 70 years of bad federal policy is a demonstrable fact.

Market discipline is now essentially gone. Less than one-fourth of the health care dollar is directly spent by those best positioned to control costs — the consumers.

Doctors and patients increasingly view one another differently. The Hippocratic relationship is built on a foundation of love, compassion and mutual respect. It is becoming a mere transaction and an entitlement. He who pays the gold makes the rules. Love becomes indifference, compassion becomes callousness, and respect becomes suspicion.

A retired minister should understand the power of the free individual. He should also understand that charity comes from the heart, not through force.

Democracies can be every bit as cruel as a tyrant, and that cruelty can only be tamed by clear-thinking men and women.

Like dogs, complicated human systems become mad when abused. Only thoughtful care, not additional abuse, tames them. A free, powerful canine is better than an overfed, toothless mutt kept on a short rope and followed by pooper-scoopers that were once in the business of health insurance.

Cameron S. Schaeffer, M.D.


More info on aliens

I have some serious questions about the Nov. 26 Herald-Leader article concerning the natives of India who own four Subway restaurants in Lexington.

It states that the Patels are being charged with "knowingly and willfully harboring undocumented Indian nationals employed in their Lexington restaurants."

It continues for several paragraphs but never again mentions these "undocumented Indian nationals."

First, the IRS definition of an undocumented alien is "an alien who has entered the United States illegally and is deportable if apprehended."

So, were these aliens turned over to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

Second, how did these aliens avoid law enforcement upon entering the United States? Third, how long have they been in the U.S., close to food preparations for hundreds of citizens?

If these illegals have slipped into the country, how many from Iran, Syria, al-Qaida, etc., have slipped in for criminal activities since the Twin Towers went down?

In 1998, it was estimated that there were 5 million illegal aliens in the U.S.; now the estimate is 12 million to 15 million.

Even if it is only 12 million and 99.9 percent are just looking for work, that leaves 12,000, close to 1,000 times the number involved in 9/11.

It appears the administration is not doing a whole lot to keep U.S. citizens safe, but then again, they are predominantly Democrats and they could absolutely do no wrong.

They just want to make all these undocumented aliens U.S. citizens. Such a comforting thought.

J. D. Miniard


Speak out for peace

There is a lot of bad in the world and too few people who stand up against it.

We need to stop fighting fire with fire and take a different approach. We have lost too many fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to war, and instead of changing the tactics we choose to continue with what's not working.

Many people disagree with war yet those people never stand up and express their opinion — they feel as if someone else is doing it. If everyone who disagreed with it took a stand and protested then the government would have to listen.

We could do so much in a nonviolent way to get across to our officials that something needs to be done, not only with the war but also on topics about how this country is being run.

A nonviolent way is more satisfying as well as efficient, resulting in a longer and more productive peace. Another reason we need to find an alternate way is because the amount of money poured into war could be used to help build this once-great country back into a productive nation allowing the American dream to flourish for all.

Samantha Kelton


Adam/Steve myth

U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes was recently asked by a man whether she believes that God created Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve. This question allows him to cloak his prejudice in a shroud of religion.

The truth is that God created neither Adam and Eve nor Adam and Steve. That is a fairy tale.

Since 1850 scientists have known that humans, as mammals, evolved over millions of years.

Babylonian creation mythologies such as Adam and Eve, the Tower of Babel, Noah's Ark, Jonah and the whale, Samson and his magic hair and Joshua making the sun stand still for a day are all fairy tales.

If you wish to determine the plan then study mammalian behavior. In most primates and mammal packs one dominant male reproduces with all of the females, while the other males do without.

This seems to be supported in the Bible by the fact that those chosen by God as leaders such as David, Solomon and Abraham had multiple wives and sexual partners. So, If you read the Bible you will see that marriage is supposed to be between a man and his wives.

The God of the Bible had no problem with polygamy at all, as long as it was one male and many females, not the other way around.

America is supposed to be a country that respects all beliefs, not just a narrow-minded group of backward snake handlers.

Ron Osburn