Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor - UK Sports: Dec. 27

Kentucky Wildcats guard Jennifer O'Neill put in a jumper in the Dec. 6 game. O'Neill scored 43 points in the game, earning national recognition.
Kentucky Wildcats guard Jennifer O'Neill put in a jumper in the Dec. 6 game. O'Neill scored 43 points in the game, earning national recognition.

Warped money priorities

The University of Kentucky recently announced that $110 million will be depleted on a new football stadium for reasons like peeling paint and metal bathrooms.

And new additions include a special club where you can dress up to purchase alcohol. Whew, we don't drink enough while tailgating. And there will be a room to get married in. Finally, we can wed in a paint-chip-free venue.

As students, we are appalled at the apparent priorities of the university. There are about 204,026 high school graduates in Kentucky alone who can't attend college, despite the growing awareness that an undergraduate degree is key to prosperity.

Those who are able to attend have to graduate with substantial debt. But now we get a nice football stadium.

It's irrefutable that college sports cultivate school pride and identity. However, the spending on this "morale booster" is contrary as academic aid and student services budgets continue to decrease.

It's distressing to witness how intercollegiate athletics is warping the value of higher education. There is an unfortunate disparity in the priorities for spending.

Though athletics is a visible face of the university, academia is the heart. In the words of Winston Churchill: "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."

Is the increased spending on athletics benefiting students and higher education opportunities?

If the university is willing to spend millions on athletics, we should expect that much of an increase in academic finances.

Rachel Williams and Melanie Stapleton


Show pride, practice more

I don't know anything about basketball except that I am from the great state of Kentucky. These kids at the University of Kentucky now have no idea about the name on the front of their jerseys.

When you put that jersey on, you had better know what it means to Lexington and the entire state.

They play for the No. 1 team in all of college basketball. The name on the front is way more important than the name on the back. Kentucky means you play hard at practice as well as in the games. You show heart, respect, honor and pride.

Coach John Calipari may be good at getting the players to come to UK, but he has got no idea that practice is what will make them real players. They need one full practice a week of just shooting free throws. That will win the close games.

I may live in Tar Heel country, but I am all Kentucky Wildcat.

Eric Fugate

Morganton, N.C.

Show women's team respect

The University of Kentucky women's basketball team played an astounding game with Baylor University this month, and pulled off a win after four overtimes.

The combined score for the game (263) is the highest in NCAA women's basketball history.

The UK men lost to Baylor at Baylor immediately following the women's game. But in this newspaper, the men's team still got top billing.

What has to happen for the Herald-Leader (not to mention UK) to realize that this women's team (currently ranked No. 5 in the country) is absolutely outstanding and deserves the same support and respect as the men's team?

And while I'm at it, if renovations are on the table, we could sure use more seats with backs on them in Memorial Coliseum, where the women play.

This would go a long way toward showing that UK values this incredible women's team.

Joan Callahan