Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Dec. 31

Drug offenders nonviolent? Take another look

I am writing in regard to a letter writer who called the Kentucky State Police storm troopers for arresting 500 nonviolent drug offenders.

I am proud of the state police doing their jobs and arresting these so-called nonviolent drug offenders.

Can the writer answer these questions?

1. How many of these drug offenders have driven while high?

2. How many have robbed or stolen to keep their habit going?

3. How many have sold drugs to our children?

4. How many have gone on to other drugs such as crack, meth or cocaine?

A lot of the nonviolent offenders will be put in jail for doing the above deeds and worse, such as murder and other violent crimes.

The writer calls these people nonviolent? Yeah, right.

Leonard E. Finn


Senator revisionism

I am so tired of the out-and-out lying by Sen. Mitch McConnell. His latest attempt at revisionism is his claim to be working hard for fair policies for women. If that is true, how does he justify voting twice against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (2007 and 2009) and the Paycheck Fairness Act (2010 and 2012) and three times against the Violence Against Women Act (1994, 2012 and 2013)?

I have issued this challenge before but will do it again: I cannot think of even one legislative act submitted and supported by any conservative legislator that was aimed at helping people in need — either minorities or women.

They are good at blocking and deflecting, not supporting legislative acts that move this country closer to true fairness.

David Wachtel


Take back Congress

Americans, let's take back our U.S. Congress.

Do most Americans believe Congress isn't doing the job for which it was created? That Congress is representing special interests to benefit itself rather than representing the public interest, comprised of individual citizens?

Is huge money buying our Congress day after day? How else can U.S. senators become wealthy while beginning their careers as people of modest means?

The existing two-party system intertwined with huge money almost always requires competitive senatorial candidates to spend more than half their time raising money instead of interacting with voters.

Let's begin a conversation about substituting a nonpartisan system for Congress. Many Americans working together throughout this nation can make that happen.

It will require the involvement of many Americans. Shouldn't our objective be ratification of a new amendment to our Constitution?

Share your ideas about how a nonpartisan Congress might work.

Primary and general elections should be shortened to three months each. Money spent by each campaign must not exceed agreed-upon limits. Limit individual donations to $5,000. Each state shall have a male and female senator. There should be limits of three terms for senators. Increase House terms to three years, with a limit of six terms.

It's your turn now. What changes do you want?

Let's work together to take back our Congress.

Joe Graves


Shame on you

How soon we forget. In December 1941, at our small rural school in Pulaski County, we were all assembled to hear our president on the radio declare war following the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

Most of us were so young that we could hardly comprehend the implications of what we heard. But we lived through it and learned that about 450,000 Americans and millions throughout the world sacrificed their lives to stop the terrorism of our enemies and preserve freedom throughout the world.

They did it and, as I remember, it was celebrated throughout the world. I shall never forget the announcement of the end of the war and how our fear no longer existed.

This Dec. 7 on the front page of the Lexington Herald-Leader I saw headlines and scores of athletic events, but nothing about the greatest generation which preserved our freedom and the end of terrorism for much of planet Earth. An insignificant article appeared on page A9.

Have you no shame? You have the freedom to do that because of the sacrifice of the greatest generation in America and our allies throughout the world. Shame on you.

Donald Haney


Greatest American

Face the facts, folks, the U.S. government is and always has been a fascist regime. The white Europeans' plan was for a fascist corporation to take anything of value, and they had the power to do it.

What is genocide? If not fascism, what is slavery? What is wage slavery? What is Jim Crow?

Maybe you can forgive your Founding Fathers for buying and selling humans, but I doubt I'm the only U.S. citizen who can't.

Until we see ourselves as we really are, how can we change?

I despise the use of "American" to describe a U.S. citizen. It's totally inaccurate, an insult to millions of South Americans, Canadians and many islanders of this hemisphere.

You can keep your head in the sand, but Dr. Ernesto Guevara De La Serna proved himself over and over to be the greatest American in history. Please learn the difference between country and government.

Mike Fisher


More McConnell lies

As always we have Sen. Mitch McConnell saying our great Gov. Steve Beshear is a liar. Who does McConnell think he is, the biggest liar of them all?

McConnell's "constituents" must be and go to places I can't go. And who pays his insurance? We taxpayers.

Why didn't McConnell and his constituents write some kind of health care for all Americans. When our president writes one, all McConnell can do is talk bad about his president and our governor.

McConnell should come down and talk to Kentuckians and tell us why he hasn't done a damned thing for our health care, instead of talking about what others have done.

How old is McConnell and how long has he lived in Washington at our expense? And how is his wife telling all the women who will listen that her husband really does like women?

Robert Wells